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Welcome to the diverse community of Rackham graduate students and alumni.

Fall Welcome

Fall Welcome will take place on Friday, August 30. There will be a welcome program in the Rackham Auditorium at 1:00 p.m. followed by an Information Fair from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

How Rackham Helps

The Rackham Graduate School is home to over 8,200 students, about half the graduate students on campus. We offer centralized services and special opportunities for all Rackham students.

Living In Ann Arbor

If you are new to U-M, then we'd like to offer some help as you get settled. Check out our tips and resources for making Ann Arbor home.

Academic & Professional Resources

Learn about the people, offices, and tools that can help you thrive academically and stand out professionally.

Support System

Where to get help with challenges or problems either academically or in your personal life if the need arises.

Stay Connected

U-M is a big place, but you are never alone as a Rackham student. Stay connected to Rackham and to fellow students during your time here.

2019 Fall Welcome

Rackham's Fall Welcome provides newly admitted graduate students the opportunity to learn about Rackham and connect with resources that will enhance your experience at the University of Michigan. Come hear from Rackham Dean Mike Solomon and leaders from Rackham's student organizations. Connect with over 75 campus resources and organizations at the Welcome Fair. Finally, finish the day by getting to know other students, as well as the members of Rackham Student Government (RSG), at the Rackham Student Welcome Picnic.

Friday, August 30, 2019

  • 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.: Welcome Program, Auditorium, 1st Floor, Rackham Building
  • 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.: Information Fair, Rackham Building
  • 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.: RSG Welcome Event hosted by Rackham Student Government, East Lawn (just outside the Rackham Building)

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resource fair

Fall Welcome Information Fair Guide

1st Floor – Lobby

Graduate Rackham International (GRIN)

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

As one of the Rackham-sponsored organizations, Graduate Rackham International (GRIN) aims to develop an inclusive and diverse student-run organization to improve the experience of all graduate students, especially international students and students with multiple racial or ethnic identities at the University of Michigan.

Students of Color at Rackham (SCOR)

Area of Interest: Student Services

The Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR) is a network for Rackham graduate and professional students at the University of Michigan. SCOR is dedicated to the social, cultural, political, and academic well-being of students of color representing diverse cultures, ethnicities, and international origins. SCOR works to improve the quality of the students’ academic, professional, and social lives respectful of differences in culture, ability, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

Sweetland Center for Writing

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The Sweetland Center for Writing, a comprehensive writing center, exists to support student writing at all levels and in all forms and modes.

Rackham North

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Rackham North allows students on North Campus to join us for regular gatherings to connect with Rackham staff and peers. We will be meeting regularly during the academic year on Thursdays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Rackham Programming for Students

Area of Interest: Student Services

Rackham provides current students with programming in academic and professional development as well as events designed to support connections, transitions, and the recognition of graduate student accomplishments and contributions.

Conflict Resolution

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

The Rackham Resolution Office can help Rackham graduate students resolve concerns, problems, or conflicts with regards to university policies, procedures, and decisions. If your issues are not properly addressed or resolved, or if confidential issues need to be addressed, the Rackham Resolution Office can help identify available options for resolution.

University Career Center

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

The University Career Center (UCC) supports students as they begin to focus on decisions related to their career interests beyond academia. Connect with UCC to have your questions answered and ideas explored through career coaching/advising, assessment tests, UCC employer connections, and alumni/ae.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Area of Interest: Student Services

Our mission is to support the university's commitment to equity and diversity by providing support services and academic accommodations to students with disabilities.

Academic Records and Dissertations (OARD)

Area of Interest: Student Services

OARD Provides information and support to students by maintaining academic records, conferring degrees, and providing guidance regarding Rackham and university policies and procedures.

Rackham Development and Alumni Relations

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

The Rackham Development and Alumni Relations team focuses on serving students in two primary ways: raising money for graduate student support and building relationships with alumni and donors. Through development efforts, we strive to ensure students can overcome financial obstacles during their graduate career and make meaningful connectings within the Rackham alumni network.

2nd Floor – East Lounge

Center for World Performance Studies

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The Center for World Performance Studies (CWPS) was established to serve the needs of faculty and a student body with an interest in the discipline of performance studies, expressly through a global lens. CWPS offers a multidisciplinary space for artists, performers, scholars, and the community for intellectual interactions and public performances. We offer a graduate certificate program in world performance studies, and host two to three artist/scholar residencies each year.

International Center

Area of Interest: Student Services

The International Center provides a variety of services to assist international students, scholars, faculty, and staff at U-M, as well as students seeking opportunities to study, work, or travel abroad.

University of Musical Society (UMS)

Area of Interest: Performance/Music/Dance

University Musical Society (UMS) is the University of Michigan's performing arts presenter, bringing professional music, theater, and dance form across the globe to the stages on campus. Student tickets are available for just $12 or $20, depending on seat location.

University of Michigan Museum of Art

Area of Interest: Arts/Music/Performance

One of the finest university art museums in the country, UMMA holds collections representing 150 years of art collecting. A dynamic schedule of special exhibitions and interpretative programs connects visitors with the rich artistic legacy of the past and today’s avant-garde.

American Society for Engineering Education

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The American Society for Engineering Education is committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology. As a student organization we work to inform students about various aspects of a career in academia, enhance the teaching and presentation skills of prospective educators, assist students in their search for academic positions, develop skills needed to establish and lead a research program and encourage under-represented minority participation through focused recruitment efforts and by addressing concerns unique to minorities

ARI: Alternative Reality Initiative

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The Alternate Reality Initiative (ARI) is centered around virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology. Through weekly meetings, ARI is fostering the next generation of XR innovators by hosting development workshops, discussing industry news, supporting project teams, and hosting our annual XR Midwest Conference.


Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences) Student Chapter at University of Michigan is an organization for students interested in using mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, mathematical optimization, and other analytical methods to find better solutions to complex decision-making problems. We welcome students from any department who are interested in operations research, management science, and analytics to join us!


Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) U-M chapter is a student run organization that fosters the advancement of underrepresented students in the sciences. The purpose of this chapter is to bring scientists of all levels together to mentor one another. In addition, we will have the support from faculty that promote diversity in the sciences and aid those of underrepresented communities. SACNAS as a whole is a national organization with over 110 professional and student chapters working to increase diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

International Institute Master's in International and Regional Studies

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The Master's in International and Regional Studies (MIRS) provides students with the comparative perspective and analytical tools necessary to both understand and address issues and challenges that traverse the globe, in eight subplans: African Studies, Chinese Studies, Islamic Studies, Japanese Studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies. MIRS is designed to prepare students for global career opportunities, whether in academia, private, or public sectors.

International Institute

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The International Institute (II) brings together distinguished and diverse faculty and scholars with deep area studies and international expertise to enrich the university’s intellectual environment and to provide the U-M community with the knowledge, tools, and experience to become informed and active global citizens.We offer robust funding opportunities through II fellowships and grants, the Master's in International and Regional Studies with specializations in eight of the area studies centers, graduate certificate programs in six of the area studies centers, and programming, events, and mentorship opportunities that serve to advance scholarship in each of our 17 internationally focused centers and initiatives.

2nd Floor – Reading Room

Center for Campus Involvement

Area of Interest: Student Services

The Center for Campus Involvement supports U-M’s 1500+ student orgs, hosts fun on-campus events, leadership opportunities, and helps students find a way to get involved. Our goals are to empower students, provide meaningful experiences, and help shape leaders who will change our world for the better. Your life beyond the classroom starts here!

Big Ten Voting Challenge

Area of Interest: Student Services

The Big Ten Voting Challenge is a nonpartisan initiative to increase the rates of student voter registration and turnout.

University Unions

Area of Interest: Student Services

University Unions offer a variety of services, events, spaces and involvement opportunities for the campus community. With three facilities : the Michigan Union (currently under renovation until Winter 2020), Michigan League, and Pierpont Commons (North Campus), the Unions are great places to meet friends, attend programs, grab food, shop, bank, get computing time, study, and more.

Trotter Multicultural Center

Area of Interest: Student Services

As a national leader in promoting an inclusive campus climate, the Trotter Multicultural Center serves as a campus facilitator, convener, and coordinator of cultural awareness and inclusive leadership education initiatives for University of Michigan students.

Michigan Dinning

Area of Interest: Student Services

Dining on campus - where to eat, meal plan options, job opportunities. Michigan Dining leads, feeds, and contributes to the education, health, and experience of our community, environment, and staff.

Munger Graduate Residence

Area of Interest: Housing

At the Munger Graduate Residences, a diverse mix of graduate and professional students from various fields live, study, and interact together, building a culture of collaboration. Expand your boundaries. Build a lifelong network. Experience true multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Grad and Professional Programs - Student Life

Area of Interest: Student Services

Programs for graduate and professional students through the office of Student Life.

University Unions Campus Information Centers

Area of Interest: Student Services

Campus Information Centers were developed in response to a lack of centralized information at the university and aim to make U-M feel like home. Through online chats and physical centers located at The Union, The League, and Pierpont Commons our student staff ensure you receive relevant information and honest perspectives.

Impact Investing Group

Area of Interest: Environment and Sustainability

The Impact Investing Group was founded to start a conversation around impact investing, or investing for a financial return alongside a social or environmental impact return, on campus. We operate under three divisions: a research division, a consulting arm, and the Impact Microfinance Fund.

Association for Women in Science

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The Association for Women in Science is a national organization dedicated to achieving equity and full participation for women in science, technology, and engineering. Membership is offered to both women and men who support these goals. Our chapter focuses on mentorship, community outreach, and career training for our members. Biweekly mentoring circles offer a chance to discuss issues relevant to women in STEM at all levels, give and receive career advice, and just chat about life in academia.

Information and Technology Services

Area of Interest: Student Services

Information and Technology Services (ITS) provides technology and communications services designed to ensure students' academic success and support U-M Ann Arbor's academic and research needs.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only co-ed business fraternity with an emphasis in sales, marketing, and management. The Pi Sigma Epsilon, Eta Iota chapter at the University of Michigan was founded in 2015 and has since grown to include over 90 active members, while still growing. Our mission is to develop the general business and professional skills of our members through experiential learning and professional development. This includes an ambitious new member term, participation in consulting projects with local and national companies, and the opportunity for positions on the Executive and Auxiliary Boards. Diversity is at the core of our philosophy, so while we emphasize the sales, marketing, and management fields, we are open to all majors.

Logistics, Transportation, and Parking

Area of Interest: Student Services

Offers parking and transportation options for students.

Tau Beta Pi - Michigan Gamma Chapter

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

Tau Beta Pi is the engineering honors society. It is a national organization that recognizes academic achievement and exemplary character. The Michigan Gamma Chapter is a large and active chapter made up of graduate and undergraduate students from all disciplines of engineering. Our chapter hosts a wide variety of social, professional development, and service events throughout the year.

Office for Institutional Equality

Area of Interest: Student Services

The Office for Institutional Equity serves as a vital resource and leader in promoting and furthering the university’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity for all members of its community. We work with partners on campus to foster and support an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and free from discrimination and harassment - this is our Campus Commitment.

2nd Floor – Rotunda

Planet Blue - Graham Sustaintability Institute

Area of Interest: Environment and Sustainability

Planet Blue is an umbrella representing sustainability on campus

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nicols Arboretum

Area of Interest: Environment and Sustainability

We are one organization with two locations at the University of Michigan. We support research and teaching at U-M. Our mission is to promote environmental enjoyment, stewardship, and sustainability through education, research, and interaction with the natural world.

Michigan University - Wide Sustaintability and Environment (MUSE) Initiative

Area of Interest: Environment and Sustainability

MUSE's mission is connecting and collaborating on human-environment research at the University of Michigan. MUSE is here to serve anyone and everyone interested in sustainability and the environment at U-M.

People of the Global Majority for the Environment

Area of Interest: Environment and Sustainability

People of the Global Majority in the Environment (PGMEnt), an organization at School of the Environment and Sustainibility, aims to develop a more inclusive and equitable educational environment that celebrates our diversity whilst recognizing people of the global majority's significant environmental and societal contributions.

U-M Solar Car

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

An entirely student run project team that designs, builds, and races the world's fastest solar vehicles. With four engineering divisions; mechanical, electrical, aerodynamics, and strategy, as well as operations and business divisions, our team brings together students from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines to work towards a common goal: build the best solar vehicle possible. We look forward to competing this October at the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!

2nd Floor – West Counsel Room

English Language Institute

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The mission of the English Language Institute is to provide language, academic, and intercultural instruction which enables all members of the University of Michigan community, regardless of the language in which they were raised or educated, to fully participate in the life of the university, and to excel in their scholarly, instructional, and professional endeavors throughout their academic careers. In the firm belief that this effort enriches the educational experience of domestic and international students alike, the ELI strives to collaborate with units across the university to foster an open, welcoming climate and to connect the Ann Arbor campus with the world.

2nd Floor – West Study Hall

Engineer Career Resource Center

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Our mission is to offer comprehensive career development services to College of Engineering students to support a successful transition from campus to career, and to assist employers with developing and maintaining successful recruiting relationships with Michigan Engineering. We are passionate about providing excellence, innovation, and integrity through our services and relationships.We help our community of engineering and computer science students chart successful careers from their first day on campus to when they become alumni. We also help link employers with highly qualified candidates in all engineering disciplines through events and networking.

Complex Systems

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS) is a multi- and interdisciplinary program at the University of Michigan designed to encourage and facilitate research and education in the general area of nonlinear, dynamical, and adaptive systems. Our more than 50 participating faculty represent nearly every college of the university. Researchers at the center recognize that many different types of systems that include self regulation, feedback, or adaptation in their dynamics possess similar underlying structures despite their apparent differences. Our goal is to exploit these deep structural similarities to transfer methods of analysis and understanding from one field to another. CSCS offers a certificate at the graduate level.

Multidisciplinary Design Program

Area of Interest: Science and Engineering

The Multidisciplinary Design Program provides professional design experience for academic credit, on campus. The program is open to students in 9+ schools and colleges, first-year through professional master's.

Office of Academic Innovation/Michigan Online

Area of Interest: Learning Communities

The Office of Academic Innovation is charged with creating a culture of innovation in learning. As a catalyst for academic innovation we aim to shape the future of learning and redefine public residential education at a 21st century research university by unlocking new opportunities and enabling personalized, engaged, and lifelong learning for the U-M community and learners around the world.

Ginsberg Center

Area of Interest: Learning Communities

As a community engagement center, the Ginsberg Center’s mission is to cultivate and steward equitable partnerships between communities and the University of Michigan in service to the public good. The Ginsberg Center strives to increase U-M’s capacity for positive community impact by bringing students, faculty, and community members together to address pressing social concerns.


Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Our organization works to help send students abroad to other countries for volunteering and internship positions, in an effort to promote cross-cultural understanding.

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

CRLT is dedicated to the support and advancement of evidence-based learning and teaching practices and the professional development of all members of the campus teaching community, including faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and administrators.


Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Founded in 1962, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is one of the world’s oldest and largest social science data archives. ICPSR's mission is to advance and expand social and behavioral research, acting as a global leader in data stewardship and providing rich data resources and responsive educational opportunities for present and future generations.

Center for Entreperneurship

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Want to complement your degree, stand out to recruiters and employers, and develop your own business and leadership skills? The Center for Entrepreneurship offers programs and courses for all students in all schools and colleges across U-M.

Innovation in Action

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

Innovation in Action harnesses the talents and passions of Michigan students to address society's biggest problems. Framed around the grand challenges articulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Innovation in Action provides a supportive community in which students of any discipline come together to develop an innovator's toolkit for tackling real-world challenges.


Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

At CEW+, we navigate circumstantial barriers by providing academic, financial, and professional support to help you reach your personal potential. Established to support women through higher education, we lift up women and all underserved communities at U-M and beyond. Through career and education counseling, funding, workshops, events, and a diverse, welcoming community, we exist to empower. We are CEW+, and we’re here to help you reach your potential.

African Graduate Students Association

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

The purpose of the African Graduate Students Association (AGSA) shall be to serve as a social, academic, and professional network for graduate students of the African diaspora and their allies from all graduate schools at the University of Michigan. This will include but will not be limited to: fostering a community of African graduate students that are able to support the academic success of every individual member, providing a space for cultural exchange both among members and between the association and the wider University of Michigan community, providing a forum for the discussion of issues that are critical to members of AGSA and that concern the continent of Africa, facilitating the connection of members with academic and professional opportunities on the continent of Africa as well as graduate students on the continent with academic and professional opportunities at the University of Michigan; creating new opportunities for both of these directions of exchange, acting as a resource for undergraduate students who are interested in graduate school, particularly undergraduates and undergraduates of African descent, collaborating with the undergraduate African Students Association when and if necessary and/or beneficial for either party, facilitating outreach and service to communities of African ancestry and abroad.


Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

By hosting social and wellness events, we aim to create a supportive and vibrant female engineering community. We further hope that by building a strong network of women engineers, we will improve the retention of women in engineering graduate programs. Through professional development and networking opportunities, we seek to improve the current and future careers of our members. As a large organization that interacts with the administration, we are committed to advocating for the rights and needs of female engineering graduate students within the College of Engineering. Lastly we hope to attract the next generation of female engineers by running engineering outreach programs in local schools. Our events are open to all College of Engineering graduate students with the aim of fostering a more vibrant and inclusive community.

3rd Floor – Earl Lewis Room

Certificate in Critical Translation Studies

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The certificate in Critical Translation Studies provides students with an introduction to various modes of translation, historical and contemporary ones, and explores disciplinary, institutional, cultural, and historical frameworks for shifting concepts and practices. More broadly, the program affords future practitioners and scholars of translation a critical and theoretical understanding of the variety of principles and traditions from which various theories and practices of translation emerge.

Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

Weinberg Institute offers a graduate certificate in Cognitive Science

Certificate in Community Action and Research

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The graduate certificate in Community Action and Research provides students with rigorous interdisciplinary training, connecting their research and action within communities to conversations taking place beyond the classroom.

Certificate in Judaic Studies

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

Graduate students examine the histories, cultures, and languages of the Jewish people. Working closely with distinguished faculty and prominent visitors, students develop individual responses to complex issues like religious faith, cultural pluralism, ethnic identity, and migration. Students gain vital skills in research and writing, critical and creative thinking, and public and persuasive speaking. The graduate certificate provides an opportunity for doctoral students enrolled at the University of Michigan to acquire an interdisciplinary grounding in Judaic Studies as a secondary field. Through dynamic courses and collaboration with faculty, students enhance skills, gain specialized knowledge, build credentials, and develop professional expertise.

Michigan Program in Survey Methodology

Area of Interest: Academic Department/Certificate Program

The University of Michigan Program in Survey Methodology seeks to train future generations of survey methodologists who specialize in the statistical, social, and data sciences. The program offers Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science degrees. The program's home is the Institute for Social Research, the world's largest academically-based social science research institute.

4th Floor – Assembly Hall

University Library

Area of Interest: Student Services

The Library offers a great collection, vast electronic resources in all disciplines, millions of books and other print resources, primary source and archival materials, and much more. We also have services and expertise, from disciplinary research to publishing and technology assistance, that can advance your research and teaching.

U-M Library Copyright Office

Area of Interest: Student Services

Our office provides information to help you make decisions about sharing and using copyrighted material in your research, learning, and teaching.

ScholarSpace at Hatcher Graduate Library

Area of Interest: Student Services

ScholarSpace offers dissertation formatting assistance, workshops, and consultation services to help you develop digital literacy and design skills. Drop by during our open hours to learn more about trouble-shooting your dissertation, managing a Canvas site, creating research posters, and other uses of technology in your academic work.

Muslim Students' Association

Area of Interest: Spirituality and Religion

Welcome to the Muslim Students' Association at the University of Michigan! Established in 1964, U-M MSA is one of the oldest MSA chapters in the country and has developed into one of the most active and vibrant student organizations on campus. Since then, the MSA has undergone tremendous growth and progress as its members continuously strive to be the Leaders and Best in strengthening faith, knowledge, and community. We invite you to join us in building onto the thrilling and unique Michigan Muslim experience, as well as in promoting the spirit of diversity and dialogue of the Michigan and Ann Arbor community.

Michigan Hillel / jUnion

Area of Interest: Spirituality and Religion

Michigan Hillel is the largest organization serving Jewish students at the University of Michigan. "jUnion: The Michigan Jewish Graduate Student Union" is Michigan Hillel's organization led by graduate students. Beyond weekly graduate student Shabbat dinners with Michigan Hillel, our events have included parties, an overnight retreat, a trip to Germany, brunches discussing Jewish perspectives on “taboo topics,” a Shabbat dinner at the U-M Museum of Art, hosting local Holocaust survivors, organizing our own Passover seders, and hanging out at local events in Ann Arbor.


Area of Interest: Spirituality and Religion

GradCru is a graduate community that seeks to stimulate and support each other to live authentically and communicate meaningfully our faith in Jesus Christ in the midst of the university.

Data Analysis Networking Group (DANG!)

Area of Interest: Learning Communities

The Data Analysis Networking Group (DANG) is a forum for trainees at the University of Michigan to discuss how to analyze, present, and visualize their data. Monthly meetings cover requested topics or specific problems/solutions that we have encountered. Don’t know how to visualize your results? Come to DANG, and hopefully as a group we can come up with a method. Did you recently discover an amazing R package or script? Come to DANG, and share with us how you accomplished that. Our hope is that these meetings/discussions will foster new ideas within our respective fields.

Michigan International Student Society

Area of Interest: Learning Communities

Founded in early 2012, the society currently has 150+ members from 40 different countries spread throughout six continents. At MISS, diversity is not limited to culture and background, as the talented membership is made up of students pursuing a wide variety of interests in the United States and abroad. Using our diverse membership base, along with the many resources at the University of Michigan, we aim to provide members with a unique social, professional, and educational experience.

Intervarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship

Area of Interest: Spirituality and Religion

Graduate Christian Fellowship seeks to be a vibrant and welcoming community of graduate students and professionals through:

  • The study and application of God's word in our life together
  • Faithfully praying for each other, our community, our departments, and our campus
  • Fostering the growing and deepening of relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ and each other
  • Serving those in need and sharing our hope in Jesus

Impact Graduate Student Fellowship

Area of Interest: Spirituality and Religion

Impact Graduate Student Fellowship is the graduate student branch of Harvest Mission Community Church focused on providing graduate students with Biblical community and life-on-life relationships of care, commitment, and challenge through the ups and downs of graduate student life. As our name suggests, our mission is to edify and empower graduate and professional school students to make an impact in all spheres of life with their education, future career, and relationships, so they can live boldly as followers of Jesus Christ. This is done through weekly LIFE Group, which comprises of Bible study, theological discussion, personal sharing, praying, and worship.

4th Floor – East Conference Room

UHS Managed Care Student Health Insurance Office

Area of Interest: Student Services

The UHS Managed Care Student Insurance office staff assist clients with the university insurance plans regarding explanation of insurance benefits as well as other insurance plans. We also assist clients with travel abroad insurance. Assistance is given for those without insurance and those with questions about their insurance.

Managed Care/Student Insurance

Area of Interest: Student Services

The UHS Managed Care Student Insurance office staff assist clients with the university insurance plans regarding explanation of insurance benefits as well as other insurance plans. We also assist clients with travel abroad insurance. Assistance is given for those without insurance and those with questions about their insurance.

Spectrum Center

Area of Interest: LGBTQ+ Resources

With sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as our framework, the Spectrum Center is committed to enriching the campus experience and developing students as individuals and as members of communities. Our work is accomplished through a student-centered, intersectional lens.

Health Policy Student Association (HPSA)

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

The Health Policy Student Association (HPSA) at the University of Michigan provides and supports educational and professional development opportunities for all students interested in health policy. HPSA strives to cultivate spaces for students to critically engage with health policy, foster interdisciplinary collaboration across health sciences disciplines, and foster dedicated stewards of health policy with strong professional, research, and advocacy skills.


Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

StartUM is the University of Michigan's only student-run startup incubator. We love working with young entrepreneurs and providing them with the resources, education, mentorship, and funding they need to succeed.

Michigan Political Consulting

Area of Interest: Career/Professional Development

MPC is a political consulting club that offers a variety of political services to clients across the country. In the 2019-2020 school year MPC will be working with multiple campaigns in competitive districts across the country, giving consulting members an opportunity to impact the election of America's leadership.

U-M Work-Life Resource Center and Children's Centers

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

Our programs contribute to a culture supportive of personal/family life, and include on-campus Children’s Centers and the Work-Life Resource Center, which offers sick/backup care (Kids Kare), Campus Child Care Homes, information on financial assistance, and an online posting board of U-M students/retirees (Family Helpers) who offer babysitting and other help in U-M affiliated homes.

Grads Out in STEM (GoSTEM)

Area of Interest: LGBTQ+ Resources

Through organizing, mentorship, and networking, GoSTEM was created to provide a space for LGBTQ+ graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Michigan to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

4th Floor – East Hallway

Service Learning and Trans-disciplinary Education (SLATE)

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

SLATE partners with the Community Action Network of Washtenaw County and the Bryant Community Center to reduce social economic disparities, and to provide students with opportunities to develop a meaningful mentoring relationship with a young disadvantaged person in a community setting.

Ballroom Dance Team

Area of Interest: Performance/Music/Dance

The Michigan Ballroom Dance Team was originally founded in the fall of 1997 to provide students with an opportunity to compete in intercollegiate ballroom dancing competitions. Since that time, it has transformed into a large and successful competitive team, a social organization, and an organization that serves the community. The team currently has around 130 active members, and we have won the National Collegiate Championships at the Ohio Star Ball every year since 2005 – so this November was our 15th consecutive win! In addition to competing across the Midwest and hosting our own home competition MichComp, we also guest perform at a variety of events across campus, including Dance Mix. We also perform and teach beginner classes at charity fundraisers, student organization socials and community events. The majority of our members have no previous dance experience when they join our team, and we welcome anyone with an interest in dance, regardless of their background.

4th Floor – West Conference Room

Counseling and Psychological Services

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides confidential psychological services for currently enrolled U-M undergraduate and graduate students. We strive to provide the following services in an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, and culturally sensitive for all students.

Depression Center

Area of Interest: Heath and Well-Being

Campus Mind Works is a website and outreach program developed by the Depression Center to support student mental health. The website was designed to simplify access to resources and provide information about managing mental health in college. Free, bi-monthly education and support groups are offered on North and Central Campuses.

Office of the Ombuds

Area of Interest: Student Services

The Office of the Ombuds is a place where students' questions, complaints, and concerns about the functioning of the university can be discussed confidentially in a safe environment. We offer informal dispute resolution services, provide resources and referrals, and help students consider the options available to them.

Wolverine Wellness

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

Wolverine Wellness is a part of University Health Service that works across campus to support and improve student wellness.

Project Healthy Schools

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

Project Healthy Schools (PHS) is a University of Michigan community collaboration that teaches healthy habits in middle schools throughout Michigan. Our volunteer Health Ambassador program places Michigan students in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti sixth-grade classrooms to teach our 10-lesson curriculum. Volunteers with PHS are able to serve as role models, improve their presentation and teaching skills, and help adolescents learn nutrition and physical activity concepts.

Recreational Sports

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

Learn how you can stay active and healthy with Rec Sports! We offer everything from group fitness classes and open recreation, to casual or competitive team sports. We also have outdoor adventures, team building, and leadership development opportunities. Find yourself here.

4th Floor – West Hallway

Casual Gaming Club

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

As one of the largest student organizations on campus, Casual Gaming Club is here to bring back the roots of gaming for the sole purposes of entertainment, fun, and socializing without being too time demanding. We host massive gaming nights every weekend to cater to all types of gamers, whether it be video games, card games, or board games, across the University of Michigan. Our club also hosts an organized group chat room run by Discord so that members can meet other college students from across the world to chat and play games at any time. We also occasionally host small social gatherings so members may hang out, befriend some new faces from the club, and play video games.

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM)

Area of Interest: Health and Well-Being

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising and raising awareness for pediatric rehabilitation programs at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. By joining our organization, students are able to experience the impact of their fundraising by bonding with the children and families that benefit from our therapies through unique volunteer opportunities as well as our DMUM events. DMUM provides students with unique opportunities to form close relationships with other students, gain professional development and leadership opportunities, and most importantly, create a compassionate community for the kids!

East Lawn

Rackham Student Government (RSG)

Area of Interest: Student Services

Rackham Student Government strives to improve the graduate student experience at the University of Michigan through academic and professional programs, extracurricular engagement, community services, and multi-level advocacy.

Academic & Professional Resources

Computing & Technology

Do you know all the computing and technology centers and services available to you as a student? Now's a great time to get acquainted.


The U-M Library system includes 20 libraries and access to many more through Inter-Library Loan. Five independent libraries add to the wealth of material at your fingertips.

Mentoring & Advising

Read "How to Get the Mentoring You Want" and find campus resources to strengthen your relationship with faculty and others who mentor you.

Professional Development and Paths to Careers

Rackham has multiple ways you can engage in professional development and explore careers, no matter what stage you are in of your graduate education.

Research Assistance and Support

Find information on statistical consulting, data services, and funding especially for doing research abroad.

Communication, Writing, Language

Expand your training as an instructor in any course and get support for your writing. Non-native speakers of English can also find an array of English language support.

How Rackham Helps

The Rackham Graduate School is home to over 8,200 students, about half the graduate students on campus. We offer centralized services and special opportunities for all Rackham students.

Academic Support and Social Events

Bringing together Rackham students to develop academic and professional skills, foster conversations across disciplines, and to mingle with fellow students outside one's program, department, or school.

Resolution Support

Providing a neutral environment to discuss concerns, receive guidance in instances of discrimination or harassment, and advise students on how to use university resources and policies.

Financial Support

Awarding over $50 million each year in fellowships and grants to support diversity in graduate education, dissertation writing, career exploration, presenting research at professional conferences, and emergency aid.

High Standards Across Graduate Programs

Working with faculty in Rackham graduate degree programs to improve the quality of graduate education, encourage innovation and effective practices, and build a diverse student community.

Rackham Fall Welcome 2014

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