The Humanities Doctorate in the Twenty-first Century

The Humanities Doctorate in the Twenty-first Century is an effort generously supported by the Mellon Foundation to expand and reimagine doctoral training in the humanities. It recognizes the rapidly changing horizon of employment, the opportunities and need for humanities scholars to translate their advanced knowledge and skills into all areas of public life, and the importance of a graduate curriculum responsive to this landscape.

See The Humanities PhD Project for additional resources to support students and faculty as they imagine, plan for, and pursue multiple career paths as humanists in the world, in the academy and beyond.


Extended opportunities for doctoral students to increase their capacities as scholars while exploring expanded career paths at a variety of host sites.


Brief experiences of one to several days for doctoral students to learn more about the workplaces, projects, and research involved in a specific career context.


These faculty-designed workshops and courses offer innovative ways to support students for a range of possibilities.


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