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Building Career Accountability Into Your Life

I took a moment to share simple, effective and proven techniques for creating methods for accountability that lead to action in your career development, and are easy to apply to the busiest of graduate student or postdoc schedules.

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Report from the Job Market

I plan to defend my dissertation in the spring of 2015, which means that, for almost two months now, I haven’t been working on it at all – instead, I have been applying for jobs. The academic job market is unlike any other job search I have done.

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Join Us for a Mentoring Plan Workshop

Rackham and its Mentoring Committee, MORE, are sponsoring a Mentoring Plan Workshop. A mentoring plan is a two-way agreement about needs and expectations written by a faculty research mentor and a graduate student mentee.

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New Resource for Rackham Students Preparing to Graduate

As you near the completion of your graduate studies, you might be thinking about "what happens" now, as it relates to a variety of topics, including insurance coverage and access to campus services.