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The blog is a collection of ideas, perspectives, and stories curated in partnership with graduate students, creating a space to connect, inspire, and illuminate the experiences of graduate life.

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A Banner Year for Rackham Merit Fellowships

The Rackham Merit Fellowship (RMF) has been one of the Rackham Graduate School’s largest and most successful innovations for enhancing student diversity, and thereby the quality of the intellectual environment in graduate education at U-M. By offering financial assistance to those students who might not otherwise have access, the RMF not only seeks to reduce disparities in graduate education but also encourages the inclusion of students who represent a broad array of life experiences and perspectives.

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Giving With Purpose: Meditations on My Mellon Immersive at the Rackham Development Fund

When I used to think of fundraising and philanthropy at the university level, I thought of transactions. I viewed these as largely unidirectional. A vacant monetary exchange from which passion and excitement were contingent upon the receipt of a “gift,” which ideally should be commensurate with the cost of a four-year college experience ($$$!). My Mellon Immersive experience with the Rackham Development Office expanded my understanding of what “giving” means at the university level.

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9 Summertime Perks & Services for U-M Graduate Students

Maybe you’re sticking around in Ann Arbor this summer, and maybe you’re wondering what to do with less structured days or a limited budget. If that sounds like you, check out this list of things that you’re still eligible to take advantage of over the summer as an enrolled Rackham student. Most of these things are free (or discounted), and run the gamut from practical to academic to purely fun.