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Graduate School Blog

Stories and advice from graduate students and information shared by Rackham staff and campus resources to help you connect and thrive at U-M.

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Turning Wolverine

For reasons unknown to me, the Neuroscience graduate program chooses to interview applicants in the dead of winter (so you get the full Michigan experience, we joke). Current students act as hosts to the applicants, called recruits.

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Five Reasons to Work With Undergraduate Researchers

Fellow professors: I realize we’re all extremely busy. Keeping a lab in business is harder than ever, and on top of our research and service duties, most of us do plenty of teaching and mentoring.

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A Ph.D. Fireside Chat

The following is a transcript of a Gmail chat between Mike, a student blogger and Ph.D. Student in Kinesiology and Natalie Bartolacci, Academic Program Officer at Rackham Graduate School.

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Being International in a Global Town

The first few times I was asked “How’re you doing,” I would stop in my tracks, feel pleased about how interested in my life this kind person was, take a few seconds to gather my thoughts, start a monologue about my health and happiness and promptl