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The blog is a collection of ideas, perspectives, and stories curated in partnership with graduate students, creating a space to connect, inspire, and illuminate the experiences of graduate life.

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You Can Make Your Graduation Unique & Meaningful, Even if You’re Really Tired.

If you’re in grad school, chances are this ain’t your first rodeo. You’ve graduated before (maybe even a couple of times before) and under different circumstances. And, if you’ve been here for years and years, working at the “marathon-not-a-sprint” pace means that graduation might be more akin to crossing the finish line jiggly-legged, dehydrated, and more in the mood to nap than to celebrate. Plus, you may be far away from home, which means that friends, community, and family can’t all make it to the celebration, and your cohort members may not graduate at the same time as you.

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Diving into the Unknown: Tackling Theater in a Detention Center

This semester I’ve taken the plunge into becoming an amateur actor. My only formal acting experience was appearing in my elementary school’s annual fifth grade musical. As the mayor’s wife in The Music Man, I was able to capitalize on my talent for singing outlandishly poorly. Thirteen years later my singing hasn’t improved at all, but I’m beginning to appreciate acting in a whole new way.

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Behind the Scenes with Graduate Student Participants in CAPS Mental Health Video Campaign

On March 15 of this year, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) launched a video series entitled Real Stories of Leaders at Their Best to help our campus see day-to-day examples of mental health and resilience. CAPS in Action, the student group of CAPS, was the driving force behind this effort.

A striking degree of intimacy is achieved in these short videos--each of the U-M students shares their mental health story directly into the camera, and they each broadcast simultaneously honest, painful, and encouraging messages.