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An Interview with Associate Dean Tabbye M. Chavous, Winner of “Cornerstone Award”

Associate Dean Tabbye M. Chavous recently received the “Cornerstone Award” at the Black Celebratory, one of many intimate, identity- and culturally-based graduation celebrations on campus. “The Black Celeb is a truly joyous event” she says, “All of the graduates’ names and the programs from which they earned their degrees are read aloud, allowing each to be celebrated and acknowledged by family and friends.

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2016 Bouchet Inductees Recognized at Yale, Celebrated at Rackham

In early April, seven of our Bouchet inductees were able to travel with us to Yale to be inducted at the formal ceremony on April 1. Four members presented their work during the Edward A. Bouchet Conference that followed the next day. A highlight of the conference was the Bouchet Leadership Award Keynote Lecture from University of Miami President Julio Frenk.

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I came to Michigan to study Southern accents...or so I thought

I came to University of Michigan to study Southern dialects in the media. That's right. I left the South after spending the first 25 years of my life split between South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina in order to do research on Southern dialects.

The usual response I get when I tell people this is "Why?! Why leave the comfort and warmth of the South to come north and study dialects from the place you were before?"