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Graduate School Blog

Stories and advice from graduate students and information shared by Rackham staff and campus resources to help you connect and thrive at U-M.

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Five Reasons to Work With Undergraduate Researchers

Fellow professors: I realize we’re all extremely busy. Keeping a lab in business is harder than ever, and on top of our research and service duties, most of us do plenty of teaching and mentoring.

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A Ph.D. Fireside Chat

The following is a transcript of a Gmail chat between Mike, a student blogger and Ph.D. Student in Kinesiology and Natalie Bartolacci, Academic Program Officer at Rackham Graduate School.

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Being International in a Global Town

The first few times I was asked “How’re you doing,” I would stop in my tracks, feel pleased about how interested in my life this kind person was, take a few seconds to gather my thoughts, start a monologue about my health and happiness and promptl