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Professional Development

Rackham supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in developing strategies, plans, and networks to be successful in their professional development during their Michigan experience, and as they transition into their careers. To achieve this, we focus on three key areas: Core Skill Development, Career Exploration, and Job Search Skill Development.

Core Skills

Career Exploration

Job Search

Professional Development Resources

Rackham has multiple methods for you to engage in your professional development: job and career workshops and certificate programs that help you diversify academically.

Professional Development Practices at U-M

Examples of the opportunities around campus for professional development that allow students to engage in activities that will enrich their potential for success.

Rackham Alumni Profiles

Do you wonder what Rackham alumni do for a living? The varied career options alumni take offer great examples and words of wisdom for current students.

Rackham Professional Development Calendar

Our calendar of campus wide professional development events. Add it to your calendar by clicking the Google Calendar button in the lower, right-hand corner of the calendar.