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Application Update

The Fall 2018 Rackham Graduate Admission Application will be available September 7, 2017.

Rackham Administered Fellowships and Grants

Rackham Graduate School administers two types of fellowships, grants and scholarships. For those requiring a program nomination or allocation, the graduate program submits a nomination on behalf of the student for a competition or allocated award; students may not apply directly for these awards. For the second type, a program nomination is not required and students may apply directly.

Program Nomination/Allocation Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships
Name Application Deadline
Rackham International Students Fellowship/Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship October 6, 2017
Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowships October 6, 2017
Rackham Humanities Research Fellowship December 15, 2017
Barbour Scholarship January 12, 2018
Lipschutz, Ayers Host and Olcott Smith January 12, 2018
Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship January 12, 2018
Rackham Engineering Awards (REAs) February 1, 2018 & March 8, 2018
Rackham Merit Fellowships (RMFs) February 1, 2018 & March 8, 2018
Rackham Science Awards (RSAs) February 1, 2018 & March 8, 2018
Rackham Master's Award (RMA) February 22, 2018 & March 15, 2018
Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship May 1, 2018
Student Application Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships
Name Application Deadline
King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) ongoing
Professional Development Grant ongoing
Rackham Conference Travel Grant ongoing
Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds ongoing
Rackham Graduate Student Research Grants ongoing
German Academic Exchange (DAAD) September 15, 2017
Lurcy Fellowship October 6, 2017
Shapiro/Malik/Forrest Awards October 6, 2017
Language Training Award November 1, 2017
Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund Fellowship November 20, 2017
Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Institution Fellowship December 1, 2017
Radcliffe/Ramsdell Fellowship January 26, 2018
Rackham International Research Awards February 15, 2018
Debt Management Awards April 20, 2018