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Thanksgiving Holiday

Rackham Graduate School will close for the Thanksgiving holiday at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 24 and we will reopen at 8:00 am on Monday, November 30.

Rackham’s Faculty Committee on Mentoring (MORE)

more, mentoring others results in excellence

MORE (Mentoring Others Results in Excellence) is a Rackham committee that provides faculty with effective tools and practices for mentoring graduate students and seeks to improve the graduate school experience for all students. MORE synthesizes academic literature on mentoring with committee members’ personal and professional experiences in mentoring graduate students. It engages with faculty and graduate students to foster conversations about mentoring. MORE is comprised of ten faculty members with appointments in six different School and Colleges of the University of Michigan.

The goal of MORE’s Mentoring Workshop is to enhance the mentoring relationship between the faculty mentor/advisor and graduate student. The workshop begins with the understanding that the process of working together across different levels of academic experience, as well as differences in personal backgrounds, work styles, and life experiences, is often challenging. Although some aspects of the mentor’s and student’s work together may go very smoothly, other dimensions of the relationship can be improved by a structured dialogue between the mentor and the student. The workshop provides an opportunity for faculty to discuss a range of mentoring strategies with their peers. Among the strategies we discussed are how to develop mentoring plans, a (two-way) agreement between faculty and student about goals and expectations. The workshop also addresses common scenarios encountered by faculty and students.

MORE is sponsored by Rackham Graduate School, The Office of the Provost, and the Michigan AGEP Alliance

Our Mission

MORE’s mission is to support and enhance graduate student mentoring at the University of Michigan with the goal of improving retention, productivity and overall success. We aim to equip faculty with effective tools and practices for mentoring graduate students through specialized workshops, information, and consultation. We are engaged in improving the graduate school experience for all students. MORE works with faculty in all fields and disciplines represented by graduate programs at the University of Michigan.


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