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Policies, Procedures and Forms

The academic policies and regulations of the Rackham Graduate School ensure consistent standards in admissions, registration, requirements, and the awarding of degrees across all Rackham graduate programs. The Graduate School also upholds standards of academic conduct and integrity and provides a process for the resolution of disputes related to equity and fairness of decisions or procedures that affect a student’s academic standing and progress toward the degree.

GPA Conversion Announcement

At the recommendation of Rackham Student Government, which polled students and completed a comparison study of peer institutions, the Executive Board of the Rackham Graduate School has approved changing the system for converting letter grades to GPA for students enrolled in Rackham programs on the Ann Arbor campus, from a 9.0 grade point system to a 4.3 system, with a maximum term and cumulative GPA of 4.0.

Graduate School Academic Policies

The general rules and regulations that govern graduate study in Rackham programs.

Dispute Resolution

Rackham Graduate School offers formal and informal dispute resolution services, provides resources and referrals, and can offer alternative resolutions in consultation with other offices as appropriate. Students can expect confidentiality in a safe environment.

Discrimination and Harassment

Our accomplishments as a university can only be fully realized if we work together to create an inclusive environment that values and celebrates both our similarities and our differences.

Accommodations for Graduate Students with Disabilities

The University of Michigan is committed to ensuring that graduate students receive appropriate reasonable accommodations so that all students are supported in all aspects of their educational experience, including their…

Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy

The Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy (GSPAP) assists graduate students immediately following the birth or adoption of a young child.

Master’s Students

Information and Rackham Academic Policies related to master's degrees and certificate programs.

Doctoral Students

Information and Rackham Academic Policies related to doctoral degrees.

Forms & Applications

The forms and applications listed here are only a portion of those available. A comprehensive listing will be available in the future.

Academic Records

OARD staff work with students and with departmental faculty and staff to ensure an accurate record of each student’s academic experience.