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Find out

Find out from the graduate program’s website if they have any specific transcript requirements in addition to the Rackham instructions below.


Order your official transcripts (or “academic records” as referred to by some international schools).

Submit a transcript for each Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional or Doctoral degree earned or in progress. Exception: If you are a current or prior U-M Ann Arbor student, send only transcripts from other institutions you attended including U-M Dearborn or U-M Flint. Rackham will access your U-M Ann Arbor transcript internally.

Two. One for you to upload and one sent directly to Rackham no matter how many programs you apply to. See below for types and formats accepted by Rackham.

No. Do not send an updated transcript to Rackham unless you are directed to do so.

Yes. Applicants need to submit a new set of official transcripts for each semester they apply.


Use the copy you received to upload your official transcripts onto ApplyWeb.


Submit an official transcript for each institution, from which you will obtain a degree, directly to Rackham by the application deadline.

Submit only official transcripts. These bear the issuing institutional seal and the official signature of the Registrar (or Recorder of Records).

For those enrolled in degree study at the time of application, send only the most recent in-progress transcript for that degree.

The following formats are not accepted by Rackham:

  • A scanned copy of an official transcript (only allowed for the upload on ApplyWeb)
  • Academic records printed from your school’s website
  • A paper transcript that is not sealed in the institution’s envelope
  • An evaluation provided by a credential service, for example, Educational Credentials Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES)
  • A “true” copy prepared and signed by a faculty member, city or government official, or notary public

E-transcripts are the better option and strongly preferred when possible. Do not send the same transcript both electronically and by paper.

Request that the Registrar (or Recorder of Records) send an electronic transcript to rack‑ It cannot be an e-mail attachment or forwarded e-mail.

  • If the institution uses National Student Clearing House as their electronic transcript vendor, select ‘Electronic Transcript Exchange’ as the delivery method if that is an option.
  • If the institution uses Parchment as their electronic transcript vendor, select "An Academic Organization, Admissions Office, Business, or Other Organization" and search for “University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School.” Do not select "Yourself or Another individual."

If possible, fill out and include a Transcripts/Academic Records Submission Form for each e-transcript submitted. We acknowledge that some e-transcript systems do not have an upload function. If it is not possible to include the form, it can be omitted.

If an e-transcript option is not available, send a paper transcript directly to: Rackham Graduate School, 915 E. Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1070, USA. It must be in an envelope sealed by the institution.

Fill out and include a Transcripts/Academic Records Submission Form for each transcript. If the institution issuing the transcript is not able to include forms, then write Attn: Transcripts/UMID# (if known) or Attn: Transcripts/Date of Birth (formatted as mm/dd/yyyy) as a line on the mailing address.