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Letters of Recommendation

When you register your recommenders in the ApplyWeb application, each recommender will receive an e-mail notification to complete the recommendation form through ApplyWeb.

Letters of recommendation must be received no later than the graduate program application deadline. Deadline date information is listed on our Programs of Study.

Tips for Registering Recommenders:

  • You will need each recommender’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, institution or employer, and title.
  • Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, if you are admitted and decide to enroll, you have access to your education record, including letters of recommendation at U-M.
    • If you select “Yes” to waive your right, you will not have access to the letter of recommendation.
    • If you select “No” to waive your right, then you will have access to the letter of recommendation.
  • Students should note that some recommenders may choose not to prepare a recommendation if these rights have not been waived. You will not be able to change the waiver status once your recommender has logged into their online recommendation account.
  • You may register your recommenders in ApplyWeb before completing your application. In ApplyWeb select “Submit Recommendation Request” to confirm, and proceed with the application at your own pace before the graduate program deadline.

After Registering Your Recommenders:

  • Recommendations can be uploaded before or after you have submitted your application.
  • Check the status of your letters of recommendation or resend the notification e-mail to your recommender using the ApplyWeb Activity Page.
  • If the status is “Not Started” and you need to change your recommender, you will update the name of the recommender and the e-mail address. The other contact information cannot be edited.
  • If the status is “Completed” or “In Progress” you cannot change your recommender, contact the graduate program for an alternative for submitting a recommendation.

An Option For U-M Ann Arbor Students and Alumni

Students and alumni of U-M Ann Arbor have the option of letters of recommendation being submitted using the U-M Career Center’s Reference Letter Service (RLS). Follow these specific instructions for Rackham applicants, and contact RLS directly with any questions.


If your recommender needs to send a letter of recommendation by postal service or e-mail, you must first get approval from the graduate program. The graduate program may refer you to the Recommendation for Admission paper form. Do not send this form or the letter of recommendation to Rackham.

Last updated: August 29, 2017 - 4:26pm