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Alumni Spotlight: Roz Abrams

“For me, graduate school was one of the most important aspects of my life and success.” Some alumni find that sentiment centers on academic achievement or incredible mentoring from faculty. For Roz Abrams, celebrated television broadcaster and award winning journalist, her primary takeaway from graduate school revolved around failure. She candidly shares, “I had a situation that happened in graduate school that shaped me consciously and unconsciously. I realize it set me up for greater things.”

Learning with Detroit: Place, Politics, and Pedagogies

Teaching initiatives in Detroit are often framed as opportunities for strengthening our institution’s connection with the city, for moving curricular revisions onto a more critical and equitable terrain, and for building skills that are necessary for engaging with people and forms of knowledge across race, gender, class, and place-based difference. Might these initiatives also promote a sustained reflection of our disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to community-based learning, an understanding of our individual and collective capacities to support community engaged pursuits in higher education? What are the lived histories, contributions, and legacies of pedagogical innovations in the context of Detroit’s everyday life?

Alumni Spotlight: Carol O'Cleireacain

Carol O’Cleireacain’s unassuming office in the Mayor’s Suite of the Coleman Young Municipal Building in downtown Detroit is adorned with a few mementos of her career in public service. “I love this picture, look at those faces,” she says as she points to the black and white images on the wall, one of a group of African American girls captivated by a speech delivered by Jesse Jackson. Others show Carol and Jesse in behind-the-scenes strategy sessions.