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Alumni Spotlight: Esther Chae

“U-M was my first love and first grad school experience,” Esther says when sharing her journey from an undergraduate student in Seoul, Korea to the vastly different world she found in the Midwest. She describes, “I consider myself a quasi-overseas citizen. I was U.S. born but raised in Korea, where I was educated during my formative years. I wanted to study theater and acting and was offered a scholarship at the Theatre department at Michigan.

Alumni Spotlight: Richard D’Souza

“It gets under your skin.“ Richard D’Souza admits. “I didn’t know what it was, but I learned American football at the zenith of the Bo and Woody rivalry. I was an athlete and loved any kind of sport. The first game against Northwestern was just so-so, but as the season got better and better and we played big rival teams, I really got into the game.”

Rackham Sweethearts: Bob and Bonnie Paine

Like many families, the Paines have a longstanding Michigan legacy. “I’ve been associated with Rackham since starting graduate studies in Chemistry in 1966. My wife and two of our children also graduated from Michigan.”

While they’ve resided in Albuquerque for the last forty-two years where Bob was on the faculty at the University of New Mexico, he says “We come back to Ann Arbor every fall. It is such a great time to be in town. We always visit the farmers market and buy greens for the holidays.”