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Alumni Spotlight: Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur

For Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur, graduate education is part of a University of Michigan family legacy. She and her mother were both Barbour Scholars at Michigan, an almost century-old fellowship program for Asian women established by Levi Barbour, then a regent of the University. For both of Jiu-Hwa’s parents, education was the touchstone of their lives and a value they instilled in their daughter. But education wasn’t taken for granted—in fact, as Jiu-Hwa points out, “it’s my parents who struggled.”

Alumni Spotlight: Ernie & Martha Hammel

Martha and Ernie first became acquainted with Rackham in 1965. Martha was a Latin major and a teaching fellow, and Ernie was an M.P.H. student.

With the skills she strengthened in the graduate program, Martha pursued a teaching career in business and technical writing for college students and professionals. Ernie went on to his Ph.D. studies, and Rackham resources were essential to the success of his dissertation research. His studies provided the foundation to his career in program design and development, and medical education administration.

Debbie Freund, From Rackham to University President

When asked why she came to U-M, Debbie says, “As an undergraduate, I was working in a hospital and in what later became an HMO. I wanted to pursue the field somehow, and my faculty told me the best Health Administration programs were at Michigan, so that’s where I went.”