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Alumni Spotlight: Anne Curzan

Along one wall in Anne Curzan’s office is a bookshelf containing hundreds and hundreds of books whose titles all seem to contain permutations of the words “English Language.” Opposite the wall of bursting bookshelves hang plaques and posters documenting marathons and triathlons that she has completed--one of them, a half-marathon, along the Great Wall of China. Between these walls, tellingly, waits a table, facing the door and completely empty but for a bluish green plant and a glass container filled with individually wrapped chocolates. This is where she talks with students.

Alumni Spotlight: Nate Marshall

This summer, Nate Marshall @illuminatemics taught at a summer writing institute for young people in Chicago. It is work he loves, and it requires a lot of him. But there are several other big things, things that Nate has given a lot of himself to, in the eaves of 2015. Recently, his rap album with his group “Daily Lyrical Product,” Grown, was released, and his book of poetry, Wild Hundreds (Pittsburgh Press) released in September. In the fall he will be a visiting professor at Wabash College.

Alumni Spotlight: Marti Bombyk

“Children and families,” “anti-poverty,” “community organizing,” “feminism,” “experiential education”--no single keyword encapsulates the breadth of Marcia "Marti" Bombyk’s accomplishments and motivations.