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Alumni Spotlight: Juliette Okotie-Eboh

When you look around Juliette’s office, you see walls adorned with signed posters from the Detroit Jazz Festival, framed articles on Juliette from local publications, and inspiring artwork from local artists, all representing the deep level of engagement she has with the city and how much she loves it. They embody the work she does as the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for MGM Grand Detroit. She says, “I am very front-facing; I deal with the public constantly and that makes this a very fun job. I get to do so much, meet so many people, and be involved in so many exciting projects.”

Alumni Spotlight: Martha Rolingson

“I wasn’t a typical grad student.” While Martha lived in Ann Arbor for only two years, she accomplished a significant amount in that short time frame. She recalls, “People were surprised I was in and out as quickly as I was. Most students in anthropology seemed to hang around forever, partly due to the nature of the research. My situation was certainly unique. It helped that I came with a master’s degree; that set me off from other grad students who were just starting. I had a number of publications already and had been doing research” on the archeology of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley.

Alumni Spotlight: Hugh Kendrick

Hugh Kendrick was chased by a lion twice when on foot, found a home away from home via a ship from England, and spent his career hiring and being hired by U-M alumni.

Rackham alum Hugh Kendrick is preparing for a reunion trip with a group he and his wife Wendy met on a four-wheeling vacation in the Sahara Desert 10 years ago. This is the next adventure for Hugh, a 1968 doctoral recipient in Nuclear Engineering, whose life and career has been a journey of connecting with the Michigan community from the day he set sail for America.