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Alumni Spotlight: George Oser

George Oser didn’t have a plan. Most doctoral alums have a set of goals to accomplish or a career plan to embark upon, but George views things differently. “I’ve never had goals. I just look around and see what is the most interesting for me at the time. I’ve never had a career plan in my life. I’ve never been bothered by that lack of vision. I think I’ve been able to insert myself in ways I never could have imagined if I had had a plan in place.”

Yet, in the absence of a plan, George has had an illustrious career in Optical Physics and has worked tirelessly for civic engagement initiatives, most notably as the school board president in Houston who desegregated the school system in 1970.

Alumni Spotlight: Alfredo Gutierrez

“Our favorite destination is always the next one,” Alfredo Gutierrez says of the extensive travel he and his wife Luz Maria undertake. One of the trips Alfredo frequently makes is back to his graduate alma mater in Ann Arbor. As a former member of the Rackham Board of Governors and Dean’s Advisory Committee, Alfredo has been active in steering the enormous ship that administers graduate education across the University of Michigan campus.

Alumni Spotlight: Larry Crosby

Larry loves his job: ”Being a dean is a general management job. It has all of the functions that go into the president or a general manager of a business. I can apply everything I’ve learned in my Ph.D. and M.B.A. every day of the week. I make decisions around marketing, people, finance, strategy, IT, and really integrating all of that to put your best foot forward. That’s what you learn in graduate school - and I actually get to use it!”

Larry serves as the Dean of the Drucker School of Management in the Claremont Graduate University. “I feel very fortunate to be the dean here and have the honor and responsibility to help and manage that legacy into the 21st century.”