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Student Spotlight: Melissa Coppola

Melissa Coppola is bringing classical music to life, not only for those who already love it, but for those who have yet to experience it. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, classical music attendance has decreased rapidly over the last ten years, and Melissa thinks making it more interactive could help. “By presenting music in thought-provoking ways like adding visuals and other interesting elements and media, we can bridge that gap,” she explains.

Student Spotlight: I-Uen (Yvonne) Hsu

From Zebrafish to Fruit Flies; From Skeletal Muscles to the Central Nervous System

In 1996, scientists mapped out the STAC (SH3 and cysteine rich domain) family of genes. Since then, their function has been somewhat of a mystery. That is, until around twenty years later when in Dr. John Kuwada’s lab at University of Michigan, a group of researchers including Ph.D. candidate I-Uen (Yvonne) Hsu discovered the STAC3 gene’s purpose and the mechanism underlying it.

Student Spotlight: Emily Saidel

The West Wing. Scandal. House of Cards. Veep. Madam Secretary. What might be entertainment to us is research material for Ph.D. student Emily Saidel, as she digs deeper into the fictional representations of the United States federal government.