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How will the current tax reform bills affect graduate students?

Just a few weeks ago, I was writing up this budgeting post to see if I could provide tips to other graduate students on how to stretch their stipend to cover their cost of living. The post was published right before the House of Representatives (House) and Senate passed their respective versions of tax reform bills. If you’re like me and haven’t taken a U.S.

The views expressed in this post are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of Rackham Graduate School or the University of Michigan.

Rackham Alum Gives $1 Million to Support Graduate Students

The Rackham Graduate School announces a $1million gift for initiatives identified by the dean that will support graduate students across campus. The gift comes from Rackham alumna Roz Abrams who received her Master’s degree in Speech from U-M in 1971 and considers her years in graduate school as one of the most important aspects of her life and success.

On this generous gift, she comments, “It is the obligation, duty, and honor of all people in this society who do well to give back. If it’s a question of money, that’s the least you can do out of the hope that any of the recipients live great lives and become good American citizens. I can help some people. I’m trying to brace myself because I have a place on the pyramid for others to stand on.”