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Recognizing Global Academic Excellence: The 2016-17 Barbour Scholars

From left to right: Po-Ju Chen, Wenyu Gu, Airan Liu, Ziyong Lin, Avish Kosari

From left to right: Po-Ju Chen, Wenyu Gu, Airan Liu, Ziyong Lin, Avish Kosari

Eight new graduate students joined the ranks of women celebrated as Barbour Scholars at the University of Michigan over the last century. This new cohort, hailing from Taiwan, China, Iran, and South Korea, represents the latest in a legacy of women from Asia who pursue exceptional scholarly achievement to build the academic strength and body of knowledge in their home countries.

Announcing the 2016 GSI and Mentoring Awardees

Through the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards, Rackham recognizes young scholars who have been nominated by their program for teaching excellence. Winners of this award demonstrate superb skill in teaching, mentoring and advising. They bring creativity, inspirational commitment and intellectual excitement to the classroom, discussion section, or teaching lab, and communicate this passion with their undergraduate students.

Interview with Assistant Dean Shelly Conner, Recipient of Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award

I could see the answer coming. When I asked Assistant Dean Shelly Conner if she had something she was proudest of accomplishing during her 10 years as Assistant Dean of Rackham Graduate School, she firmly said, “No.” It’s all equally important to her, and in my short time talking with Dr. Conner, that much became very clear. She is one of those extraordinary people who devotes all of her focus and her passion to whatever project she is working on in the moment.