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New Rackham Dean Carol A. Fierke

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As the new Dean of the Rackham Graduate School, I am very excited to work with graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni to continue to innovate and improve graduate education and to recruit the best scholars to the University of Michigan. I am so pleased to be a part of the broader Rackham community that encompasses more than 8,000 master’s and doctoral students in 18 schools and colleges. I am proud to be associated with our 112,000 alumni around the world who represent some of the most respected and accomplished researchers, educators, industry leaders and policymakers.

Rackham’s Campaign Update

As we near the halfway mark for the University of Michigan Victors for Michigan fundraising campaign, Rackham is pleased to announce that we have raised $18.7 million to date and are more than halfway to our $30 million goal.

Donors to Rackham support graduate students by funding conference travel awards, summer stipends and research grants. Donors also support many programs and services that provide a sense of community among graduate students, including interdisciplinary workgroups and workshops ranging from dissertation writing to fostering professional development skills. Our offerings are open to all Rackham students, which include every Ph.D. student and roughly two thirds of the Master’s students at the University of Michigan.

Education That Knows No Boundaries

Spend more than five minutes with a doctoral student and you’re all but guaranteed to hear her utter the word ‘interdisciplinary.’ More than a recruiting buzzword, interdisciplinary work is increasingly a common practice for students across departments to collaborate in creative ways. Rackham plays a big role in this interdisciplinary landscape, thanks in large part to the proliferation of Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshops (RIW). These efforts are designed to encourage exchange and collaboration among students and faculty who share intellectual interests but do not necessarily have an easily available forum in common because they have different academic affiliations.