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The Best of the Best: The 2014 ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards

Brian DeVree’s research on intended binding sites for pharmaceutical drug targets contributed to the Nobel Peace Prize. Yan Long collected enough research on the emergence of AIDS and AIDS advocacy in China for three dissertations. Kerry Ard’s research on the geographic and temporal changes in the relationship between poverty, race and pollution has never been done before.

Rackham Students Showcase Local Impact in Detroit at Panel Event

As part of the celebration of the Victors for Michigan campaign kick-off, the Rackham Graduate School hosted a donor and student event that showcased graduate students at Michigan who are engaging in new endeavors, taking on very different challenges, and having an impact specifically in the Detroit community.

The panel, entitled “The Future of Detroit: Challenge, Promise, Opportunity,” highlighted the ways in which the University is working alongside Detroit’s residents to strengthen the community and its citizens. The panelists discussed the impact of their work in Detroit and how their efforts are trying to rebuild this great city.

Graduate Student Professional Development at Rackham Graduate School

How did you get your first job after graduate school? The complex job market for Master’s and Ph.D. graduates can be daunting. Rackham Graduate School now offers graduate students more resources dedicated to professional development and career exploration.

A doctoral student recently told me, "These programs make you realize the professional piece of your life as a graduate student exists. When I come to Rackham, I think of people who want to collaborate in my professional development."