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Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships: Impacting Graduate Education for 80 Years

In the spring of 1935, in the depths of the Depression, U-M President Alexander Ruthven met with Mary Rackham to present his vision for endowing the Graduate School. Horace Rackham had passed away two years earlier and left his fortune to the newly-established Horace and Mary Rackham Fund. In September of 1935, after several months of negotiations, the Rackham Fund, led by the widowed Mary, granted $4 million to U-M in order to endow the Graduate School and name it in honor of Horace Rackham.

Making Life Easier for International Students

In Fall 2013, Rackham set out to learn more about the international student experience at U-M, particularly for new students. To this end, we held focus groups with current international students. Students shared a wealth of information with us during these group discussions. What was most striking was the need for practical and pragmatic advice for transitioning to campus.

Bouchet Honor Society

Hector Garcia is passionate about increasing the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in engineering. Robin Zheng wants to help kids think critically and ethically, framing the lenses through which they see the world. Alana LeBron is trying to break down the invisibility of Latinos on campus and create broader dialogues with other graduate students. Nicolette Bruner’s personal mission is to help opposing members of a community reconcile their differences. Charles Senteio left his consulting career to pursue a meaningful path in public health in underrepresented populations. Shanta Robinson is creating an academic support system for homeless youth of color.