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My Summer Project: The Impact of the Barbour Scholarship

I spent this past summer as an intern for Rackham Graduate School working on programming around the Barbour Scholarship. U-M Regent Levi Barbour endowed this scholarship in 1917 after meeting three women in Japan and China, who were educated at the University of Michigan, making impressive contributions in their fields. My work has included researching past Barbour Scholars, reaching out to hear Barbour Scholars’ stories, and starting to plan for the centennial of the scholarship in 2017.

Gaining Perspective: The Mellon Fellowships at Rackham

Graduate students find different ways to make ends meet during the summer. With dissertations and job searches on their minds, summer can be fraught with the need for funding, experience, and time to conduct research and continue writing. Tough choices often lead to choosing the practical need to pay the rent over furthering graduate work. Not for the Mellon Fellows, however.

New Rackham Dean Carol A. Fierke

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As the new Dean of the Rackham Graduate School, I am very excited to work with graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni to continue to innovate and improve graduate education and to recruit the best scholars to the University of Michigan. I am so pleased to be a part of the broader Rackham community that encompasses more than 8,000 master’s and doctoral students in 18 schools and colleges. I am proud to be associated with our 112,000 alumni around the world who represent some of the most respected and accomplished researchers, educators, industry leaders and policymakers.