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You Can Make Your Graduation Unique & Meaningful, Even if You’re Really Tired.

If you’re in grad school, chances are this ain’t your first rodeo. You’ve graduated before (maybe even a couple of times before) and under different circumstances. And, if you’ve been here for years and years, working at the “marathon-not-a-sprint” pace means that graduation might be more akin to crossing the finish line jiggly-legged, dehydrated, and more in the mood to nap than to celebrate. Plus, you may be far away from home, which means that friends, community, and family can’t all make it to the celebration, and your cohort members may not graduate at the same time as you.

Non scholae sed vitae 3: What will I be when I grow up?

I have been writing about my experiences both in engaged pedagogy and non-profit internships as I simultaneously work on my dissertation and explore the world beyond academia. In my previous post, I promised to talk more about career exploration and resources in general. Our own Bonnie recently wrote a very helpful blog post on the topic, and this post should be considered a complementary (although unsolicited!) piece to hers.

How I Learned to Embrace Living in a College Town Post-Undergrad

As graduate students, we have a love-hate relationship with the undergraduates, though we often express the hate more fervently than the love. Most of the undergrad-focused comments I hear from my fellow graduate students are critical, at best, and I would be lying if I claimed to never openly voice these critiques myself. “How do the undergrads go out and party every single night? Do they ever do homework?” “Why are the undergrads wearing shorts when it’s 10 degrees outside?” “I prefer Ann Arbor over the summer when the undergrads aren’t here.” “The library is unbearable right now because the undergrads have finals or something.”