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student voices

Dear Santa?

Dear Santa 3rd Reviewer,

On the whole, I have been a good student this year. Please accept all my papers this new year!

Naughty List

  • Printing out way more papers than I read
  • Finding empty seminar rooms to take an afternoon nap in
  • Thinking some seriously mean things about the research group that scooped me
  • Stealing food from faculty meetings before they end
  • Pretending to be interested in companies at conferences so I can get it the free Moleskins they give out
  • Reading only the introduction and conclusion sections of papers for half of our lab journal clubs
  • Whining to other grad students

Nice List

I Changed Research Groups and the World Didn't End - Part 2: Limbo

During my first week as a graduate student, I was inundated with resources from about a week of orientation sessions. Among the stacks of papers that I accumulated that week was a hardcopy of this mentoring guide published by Rackham. I remember thinking it looked potentially useful and briefly thumbing through it. But instead of being closely studied, the guide ended up in the middle of a stack of other papers which I had accrued at the same time, and my busy grad student life went on. As a burgeoning Ph.D. student, I had no concept of the real importance of good mentorship.