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Student Spotlight: Omari Keeles

Omari has been in school a long time. After his undergraduate degree at Howard, he pursued a Master’s in Public Health at George Washington University, two Master’s degrees at Columbia, then started a Ph.D. program at Miami. His three years at Miami got him through his coursework, but it was a tough road. That all changed when U-M faculty member Laura Kohn-Wood came to the Miami campus. Omari says, “I googled her, saw on her CV that she received her undergrad from Howard, and she became my mentor from day one.”

Student Spotlight: Naomi Wilson

Naomi is a second year graduate student in the Educational Studies-Foundations and Policy program. She came to U-M to work with Camille Wilson and is interested in black youth activism, revolutionary thought, and critical consciousness within secondary schools. She shares, “There is this need to be an activist in secondary schools for youth of color, but it is a place that can be a site of trauma and also of liberation and hope for black students. The lack of school administration response to issues around them can be jarring for students, specifically for the ones that are targeted.

Student Spotlight: Lauren Johns

After finishing her M.P.H. degree in Epidemiology at U-M in 2011, Lauren worked as a consultant at an environmental and occupational health consulting firm where she assessed chemical exposures and health risks in the workplace. That experience motivated her to delve deeper into the environmental health field so she turned to Dr. John Meeker in the School of Public Health whose research focuses on environmental epidemiology, specifically on how environmental exposures affect reproductive health.