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Student Spotlight: Timeka Williams

Timeka’s research focuses on race, gender, media and spirituality and the ways in which black women engage with media as content creators and as audience members. New media represents a unique frontier, with low barriers to entry for black women to present their own stories in multiple formats without the filter of established media channels. Her dissertation uses interview data to determine how media and faith intersect to shape Black women’s understanding of womanhood.

Ph.D. Student Unearths Community Awareness

Colin Quinn’s anthropology research has taken him far from campus to the gorgeous landscapes of the Romanian countryside where he’s uncovered the artifacts he’s sought – and some unexpected treasure as well.

Ph.D. research can be a laborious endeavor, and the rewards are often more than a well-crafted dissertation. In Colin’s case, he unearthed a profound experience that connects his research to building a local community’s self-identity.

Student Spotlight: Amy Krings

Amy Krings received her Master’s in Social Work from Michigan and settled into her field. She bought a house, she got a dog, and she saved for her retirement fund. Her life was stable and on an upward trajectory, but there was still something missing.

“If it hadn’t been for the five years of financial support that Rackham provided I wouldn’t have been able to walk away and pursue this path. For me, it was the difference between having an opportunity to go to graduate school or not, and the ability to focus on my research without fear of debt or needing to take an additional job. Funding has been an enormous help in advancing my research and giving it a greater degree of breadth and depth it wouldn’t have had otherwise.”