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Student Spotlight: Seçkin Akgül

Seçkin’s research is dedicated to understanding the biology of brain tumors and the development of the cerebral cortex. More specifically, he tests the effects of various genetic modifications on inhibition of a malignant brain tumor and at the same time tries to understand how they are formed. The ultimate goal of his research is to provide the clinical field with necessary information and methodology that will eventually be helpful in therapeutic interventions. “I have an insatiable ambition to understand how a perfectly normal cell transforms into a tumor and what I can do to help people with cancer.”

Student Spotlight: Geospace

”I’m here because I want to do work that is important to people in a real way. I want to solve real problems and connect to real needs. I believe the best way to change the world is to make something inspirational and have people react to it.”

Geospace, an established designer, is inspired to elevate design to highlight the issues of planet care and social justice. Having been a part of a homeless community in the past, he wanted to immerse himself in a local organization of homeless people, partnering with individuals there on design projects that fit their needs. Rackham funding through the Arts of Citizenship program allowed him to work with the homeless community here to break down some of the boundaries presented by the lack of transportation.

Student Spotlight: Timeka Williams

Timeka’s research focuses on race, gender, media and spirituality and the ways in which black women engage with media as content creators and as audience members. New media represents a unique frontier, with low barriers to entry for black women to present their own stories in multiple formats without the filter of established media channels. Her dissertation uses interview data to determine how media and faith intersect to shape Black women’s understanding of womanhood.