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Student Spotlight: Alana LeBron

Alana is inspired to do work that engages community members and leaders in efforts to reduce racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic health inequities. She says that Michigan is known for this engaging work, saying, “I came to here because I wanted to work with outstanding faculty who are leaders in the field of community-based participatory research. While there aren’t many scholars in this field of study who focus specifically on the Latino community, the culture at Michigan is thoughtful about the issue and has resources that can open doors to work in partnership with leaders in the Latino community.”

Student Spotlight: Charles Senteio

“All successful people aren’t necessarily significant, but all significant people are successful.”

Charles Senteio endeavors to make a significant impact on the world around him. This sentiment drives many of his decisions, and it has fundamentally changed the direction in his professional life.

“After finishing my Ross M.B.A., I became a strategy consultant, travelling the world, making a decent income. It was fulfilling, challenging, and financially attractive, but I stopped one day and realized I needed something more.” He left management consulting, deciding he wanted to work in the healthcare field.

Student Spotlight: Theresa Ong

Theresa’s research combines agro ecology and theoretical ecology in urban agriculture. Her dissertation focuses on the migration and dispersal of pests in an agro ecosystem and how the urban landscape affects the dispersal of pests through the environment.

Her fieldwork is in Ann Arbor at Project Grow community garden sites, as the dispersed garden plots provide a great space for urban agriculture. She places pots at garden sites and studies aphid distribution from them, using satellite imagery to test green space and the migration patterns based on genetic composition of the aphid populations found at specific sites.