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Student Spotlight: Nicolette Bruner

“I want to meet people who incorporate diversity and fairness into their work in non-traditional ways. Reconciling differences is a personal mission for me,” Nicolette says when talking about her goals as a member of the Bouchet Honor Society. An inductee this year, Nicolette exemplifies academic and personal excellence and serves as an example of scholarship, leadership, character, service, and advocacy for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the academy.

Student Spotlight: Genevieve Creedon

Few people use Rackham funding for a trip to Disney World, but Gen Creedon did. And to the zoo - fifty of them, in fact. Her research focuses on a comparative literature and cultural study of national parks, zoos and Disney theme parks to consider the history of wonder as it relates to the American relationship with nature. Taking a broad view that moves from early nineteenth-century explorations of the American West to recent trends in zoos and amusement parks, Gen shows relationships to histories of travel and tourism, colonial collective practices, science and technology and magic and spectacle. Her work traces how national parks, zoos and Disney shape ‘experience economies’ that structure Americans’ relationship to nature on national, civic and corporate levels.

Student Spotlight: Andrew Goodman-Bacon

There will be two openings in The Solonators, a band comprised largely of U-M grad students and faculty, when Andrew Goodman-Bacon and his wife, Ph.D. candidate in Public Health, Sayeh Nikpay, move to Berkeley soon for postdoctoral fellowships. “The band has been really great. I sing and play guitar. My wife started as an accordion player but took up the bass after running out of songs with accordion parts. We mostly play in basements, but we’ve played a few weddings and at the Wolverine Brewing Company.”