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Student Spotlight: Cat Saint-Croix

Philosophy was always part of her academic plans, but interest became infatuation when she found philosophy of science. She says, “this careful, analytical approach to foundational questions drew me in—I realized that I just wanted to keep studying philosophy.” She came to Michigan with two undergraduate degrees: one in Philosophy and another, self-designed baccalaureate in Logic, Philosophy of Science, and History of Science. Cat recalls, “I fell in love with the formal side of the field, and saw that U-M would be absolutely wonderful for that. I feel so fortunate to be given the opportunity to study with such brilliant people, both among the faculty and the graduate students.

Student Spotlight: Gail Gibson

Gail was inspired by the students she read about in Rackham’s Predoctoral Fellowship announcement this spring. She was impressed by the depth of their research and the unique accomplishments of some of the best and brightest doctoral trainees in the country. She is too humble to note her own brave, important work that earned her name a place on that list, too.

Student Spotlight: Emily Macgillivray

Coming to U-M has helped Emily develop her Canadian identity. She explains, “I’m slightly more patriotic since coming to the U.S., possibly because by living in a different country, I see national identity that I didn’t realize I had and am now becoming more aware of.”