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My Story of Depression in Grad School

There came a point for me, during my fourth year, when things just bottomed out. I wasn’t teaching or taking classes, since I had just become a candidate, which meant I had a year of fellowship to get going on my dissertation. I’d been struggling for a while with a generally manageable level of stress and anxiety and what (looking back) I now realize was depression. None of this seemed unusual though, because grad school is a stressful environment to begin with, and it’s so easy and common for anxiety to develop over 5-7 years of graduate school. When everyone around you is generally stressed and often dealing with anxiety to varying degrees, that starts to seem normal and you don’t think much of it.

9 Tips for Incorporating Fitness into a Grad Student Schedule

February is notorious for its history of already-forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Many times, fitness goals are the first to fade, especially for busy folks. That said, Recreational Sports wants to keep you on track to achieve your 2016 fitness goals! Haven’t started yet? That’s okay! Haven’t worked out since undergrad? That’s okay, too! Recreational sports, club sports, and intramural sports are available to graduate students, and we’re here to help get you started. We’ve prepared some keys to beginning and continuing a successful fitness plan:

Move Yourself to U-Move

Most graduate students I know have that thing they do they when get stuck on a problem. Some get outside, some cook, some nap-- I grab the U-Move schedule and see what classes are happening. Fast-forward a few hours to the end of yoga class: I'm lying on my mat, my eyes are closed, the instructor is telling us to clear our mind, and all-of-the-sudden: Of course. The answer to my problem; it was obvious. Stuck no more!