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Bouchet Honor Society

Student Spotlight: Mauro Rodriguez

For Mauro Rodriguez, a first generation high school student, college seemed like an impossible dream. The idea of attending – let alone graduating – was so far removed from his experience that it didn’t seem possible. Now a doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Mauro is driven by his roots to give back as much as he can.

2016 Bouchet Inductees Recognized at Yale, Celebrated at Rackham

In early April, seven of our Bouchet inductees were able to travel with us to Yale to be inducted at the formal ceremony on April 1. Four members presented their work during the Edward A. Bouchet Conference that followed the next day. A highlight of the conference was the Bouchet Leadership Award Keynote Lecture from University of Miami President Julio Frenk.

The 2016 University of Michigan Bouchet Inductees

The University of Michigan Inductees following their pinning. From left: Mauro Rodriguez, Courtney McCluney, Jorge Soler, Kelly Slay, Tizoc Cruz-Gonzalez, Natalie Davis, and Kimberly Reyes.

Student Spotlight: Valentina Montero-Roman

Valentina's work at the University of Michigan focuses on the ways that women's minds are represented fictionally. In particular, it looks at how literary narratives work in conversation with other cultural representations of the female mind in media like film and advertisements. Working backwards from contemporary representations of the female mind in sitcoms like "The Mindy Project" and chick lit novels like Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, she explores the intertextuality between these narratives from the twenty-first century and the work done by authors of the early-twentieth century, narratives of what most Americans would call "the flapper."