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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Diana Troik

When Diana Troik finished her doctorate at Michigan in the early ‘70s, the job market had disappeared. “It impacted a lot of people at that time. I taught part-time for a year or two but I had been living in Los Angeles and really enjoyed it there. There were a lot of schools in Southern California and suddenly they weren’t hiring. I ended up actually going into a totally different field.”

Alumni Spotlight: Robin Garrell

Like so many Rackham alumni, Robin Garrell’s career path evolved into something she never expected. She remembers, “I went to Michigan with the intention to go into industry. It wasn’t until into my fourth year that I thought maybe I’d consider an academic job. This was at a time in history when there were many more faculty jobs than people in analytical chemistry. I interviewed and had offers for both. I had to decide which course to pursue.” She decided well, spending seven years at the University of Pittsburgh before accepting a faculty role at UCLA in 1991 where she’s been since. Robin is currently the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate Division and a professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA.

Alumni Spotlight: Garrick Hu

Most students never know just how much that first job out of college can influence your career. For Garrick Hu, the University of Michigan played a central role not only in advancing his academic journey but shaping his industry focus with that one first job.