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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis fell into a job she loves through a summer internship after her Master’s degree at U-M. “I applied to an internship pool and they placed me with this office.  I had no idea what I was getting into and didn’t know anything about working for the government.  It really just sounded like a good way to spend the summer,” she says.  Little did Lisa know that she would evolve that summer opportunity into a meaningful career.  Since 2007, Lisa has served as an Operations Research Analyst for the Department of Defense in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Alumni Spotlight: Roz Abrams

“For me, graduate school was one of the most important aspects of my life and success.” Some alumni find that sentiment centers on academic achievement or incredible mentoring from faculty. For Roz Abrams, celebrated television broadcaster and award winning journalist, her primary takeaway from graduate school revolved around failure. She candidly shares, “I had a situation that happened in graduate school that shaped me consciously and unconsciously. I realize it set me up for greater things.”

Alumni Spotlight: Carol O'Cleireacain

Carol O’Cleireacain’s unassuming office in the Mayor’s Suite of the Coleman Young Municipal Building in downtown Detroit is adorned with a few mementos of her career in public service. “I love this picture, look at those faces,” she says as she points to the black and white images on the wall, one of a group of African American girls captivated by a speech delivered by Jesse Jackson. Others show Carol and Jesse in behind-the-scenes strategy sessions. Another piece on her wall is a certificate from the City of New York recognizing her service as a valued member of the Dinkins administration where she was Finance Commissioner and Budget Director, the first woman to hold both positions.