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Rackham DEI Professional Development Certificate

Rackham is committed to enhancing the development and training offerings related to diversity, equity, and inclusion for graduate students and is now offering a DEI Professional Development Certificate. This new Rackham program is designed to prepare graduate students to work in a diverse environment while fostering a climate of inclusiveness. Upon successful completion of the program, graduate students will possess the following resources and skills:

  • A framework for increasing their DEI knowledge and skills.
  • The ability to accurately define and conceptualize DEI terms.
  • Opportunities for further engagement in DEI scholarship and leadership positions
  • A diversity statement that demonstrates their commitment to DEI engagement, leadership, and scholarship.
  • Be prepared to enter a diverse and global job market.
  • An official certificate of completion (signed by the Dean of Rackham Graduate School and the University of Michigan Chief Diversity Officer) which can be listed on their curriculum vitae or resume.

Participant Commitments

  • Complete five of the seven core DEI professional development trainings/workshops (see table below).
  • Complete a minimum of five additional professional development trainings in a skill track of their interest (e.g., teaching, research, leadership, etc.)
  • Submit a reflection form within 72 hours of completing each training.
  • Submit a diversity statement that integrates and highlights their DEI professional development experience(s).
  • Complete pre and post surveys for program evaluation.

DEI PD Certificate Core Trainings List

Participants must complete a minimum of five of the seven core DEI professional development trainings listed in the table below:

DEI PD Certificate Core Trainings List
Name of Training Department that Sponsors Training
Diversity Statement OR Demonstrating Your Commitment to Diversity Workshop U-M Rackham Graduate School and CRLT
Change It Up - Bystander Awareness Training U-M Student Life
Communicating Across Identities U-M IGR
Sexual Assault/Harassment Training - Haven Plus U-M SAPAC
Cuts: Responding to Student’s Climate Concerns, Part 1 U-M CRLT Players
Cuts: Responding to Student’s Climate Concerns, Part 2 U-M CRLT Players
Informational Interview with a Professional Conducting DEI Work in Your Chosen Skill Track A template for the informational interview will be provided

Rackham’s DEI Professional Development Certificate has been designed so that participants can successfully complete it over the course of a year. However, students are not required to complete the program in one year and are encouraged to advance through the program at a pace that is comfortable for them.

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an associated cost to participate in the program?

No, the program does not have a cost associated to participate.

Who qualifies for the certificate program?

Graduate students, both Master’s and Doctoral, across the University of Michigan. Postdoctoral fellows also qualify for the program.

When will I be notified of my program acceptance?

Individuals that applied to the DEI PD Certificate Program will be informed by Friday, October 20 regarding their acceptance. (Applications are due October 16 at 11:59 p.m.)

Where do I submit my reflection forms?

Unless there are special circumstances, participants will be expected to fill out the reflection form 72-hours after the event/workshop attended. The form can be accessed here: DEI PD Program - Reflection.

Do I need to take the workshops in any particular order?

All 10 workshops are stand alone, so that they do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Do I need to take the workshops within a certain amount of time to earn a certificate?

No, the certificate program is designed to be completed in a span of a year, but participants are able to continue the program the following year. There are no time restrictions. As long as program requirements are finalized before graduation.

Will you be offering the program for the next few years?

Yes, we plan to continue offering the program for future years.

When will the workshops be offered?

The workshops will be offered through the Fall and Winter semesters. For more details on dates, times, and locations, please visit Rackham’s listing if upcoming events.

Do I need to register for workshops ahead of time?

Yes, pre-registration is required to attend workshops.

How do I sign up for the workshops?

Browse through Rackham’s Student Workshops and Events Registration page, when you find a workshop or event of interest to you click the Register link and fill out the registration form.

What if I can no longer attend a workshop?

Students are encouraged to cancel their registration as soon as possible in order to ensure that other individuals who might be on a waitlist will be able to participate. You can submit a cancellation by referring to your workshop confirmation email sent through Towards the bottom of the email, you will be directed to a cancellation link or you can also email directly.

What if I’m on a waitlist for a workshop?

Sometimes seats will become available for students on the waitlist. If a seat is made available for you you’ll receive an email from If you have not received this message the day before the workshop, please contact us at for further instructions.

I have completed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Development Certificate Program. How do I get my certificate?

Certificates will be distributed at the celebratory ceremony at the end of Winter semester. Students are unable to attend the ceremony, will be responsible for picking up their certificates in the Graduate Student Programs Office in Rackham Graduate School.

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