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Pre- and Post-Defense Meeting - Music (Performance and Conducting) Students

Music: Performance (A.Mus.D.) and Music: Conducting (A.Mus.D.)

Before The Oral Defense

  1. At least 10 working days prior to the oral defense, register online for a pre-defense meeting. Choose the remote option. When registering, you will provide your name; program; U-M identification number; defense date, time, and location; and your committee members’ e-mail.
  2. Begin viewing your committee on Wolverine Access three days prior to your defense to confirm all members have submitted their evaluation. (All members must complete an evaluation before OARD can authorize the defense.) After confirming all evaluations have been received, your Final Oral Exam Report form (that all members must sign at the defense) will be available to print through the online evaluation system. Be sure that a copy of that form is taken to the oral defense and signed by the committee members.

After The Defense

Since extensions to the deadline are not permitted, allow enough time (a few days is preferred) to complete additional dissertation format revisions that may be required by Rackham. It may take several resubmissions before we are able to approve the final dissertation. All revisions and requirements must be completed and approved no later than 5:00pm EST on the deadline day. Missing this deadline may require another term of registration and tuition.

  1. Apply for graduation via Wolverine Access Student Business
  2. Complete the (optional) Rackham Doctoral Recipients exit survey
  3. Verify that your committee Chair has submitted the Final Oral Examination Report and the Certificate of Dissertation Committee Approval to Rackham OARD
  4. Send an e-mail to with the subject “DMA post-defense remote option” to with your name, program and student ID number. Do not schedule a post-defense appointment online
  5. An OARD staff member will e-mail you the link and instructions to upload a correctly formatted, digital copy of the dissertation which will be the official copy of record. You will need to copy and paste the text of your abstract (during the online submission [note that special characters cannot be accommodated and the word limit is 550]). If format revisions are required, you will need to make the corrections and re-upload the dissertation.

You may participate in commencement on or after the conferral date when all requirements have been completed.

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