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Detroit, Michigan, USA
Sensor: L7 ETM+
Acquisition Date: December 11, 2001
Path/Row: 20/30
Lat/Long: 42.330/-83.046

Detroit, Michigan, is commonly referred to as Motor City because of the many automobile manufacturing plants located in the city. It is the largest city in Michigan, with a population approaching one million.

Let The Mapping Begin!

Frank Romo and Trish Koman are collaborators on the Michigan Environmental Mapping Tool, one of five projects supported by the 2015 Arts of Citizenship Grants in Public Scholarship. Frank recently sent us this update....


Following the Human Narratives

Nick is a second year sociocultural anthropology student researching what happens to vacant and abandoned buildings in Detroit. He asserts, “I want to know what happens when people take them apart; the lives of...


The Wild Idea of a Child Designed Playground

Laura Amtower’s MFA thesis project lies at the nexus of child-centered design, participatory research and curriculum development. Working with students at Ann Arbor S.T.E.A.M. School and their art and design teacher Rachael Van Dyke,...