Who we are:

We provide workshops, grants, programs, and professional development opportunities for graduate students from any field to support research, teaching, and projects co-created with community partners and organizations that reach public audiences and have impacts beyond the university.

What we do:

We support graduate students looking to deepen their public engagement and professional development through four core offerings: The Institute for Social Change, Engaged Pedagogy Initiative, Grants in Public Scholarship, and fellowships at local organizations in Southeast Michigan.

What is Public Scholarship?

According to Imagining America, a national advocacy and professional organization for publicly engaged scholars, “Public Scholarship refers to diverse modes of creating and circulating knowledge for and with the public and communities. It often involves mutually-beneficial partnerships between higher education and organizations in the public and private sectors. Its goals include enriching research, creative activity, and public knowledge; enhancing curriculum, teaching and learning; preparing educated and engaged citizens; strengthening democratic values and civic responsibility; addressing and helping to solve critical social problems; and contributing to the public good.”