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Arts of Citizenship Staff Matthew Countryman Associate Professor of History & American Culture, Faculty Director of Arts of Citizenship Laura Schram Academic Program Officer for Humanities Initatives Contact To receive updates about projects, events,...


Sport of the Mind

Seven High Schools. Ten Teams. Epic Thoughts. Deliberation and Discussion. Friends and Supporters. A Trophy. A Journey. Pizza. On February 8th, 2015, the second Michigan High School Ethics Bowl took place at the Neutral...

Harlequin Creature photo

Meghan Forbes, U-M doctoral student in Slavic Languages and Literatures, provides an update on “time travel with typewriters,” a 2013 Arts of Citizenship grant-supported project

Guest post by 2013 Arts of Citizenship student grantee Meghan Forbes After a six month hiatus, harlequin creature resumed its “time travel with typewriters” creative writing workshops with kids in the Ann Arbor area...