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Magnolia Cemetery Association

Through a series of events, this project aims to bring public attention to the history of Magnolia Cemetery, renewing local involvement in the site’s preservation and promoting it as a significant resource for the...


Event, From Martin Luther King to Tupac Shakur

From Martin Luther King to Tupac Shakur: Implications of hip hop for graduate education, engaged pedagogy and public scholarship Derrick P. Alridge, Professor of Social Foundations of Education, University of Virginia, will explore ways...


Interning at the U-M Museum of Natural History

By Abigail Celis, Romance Languages and Literatures French Ph.D. student For my summer internship with Arts of Citizenship, I am developing a community-based exhibit for the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History (UMMNH)....

Joe Cialdella and others

The Long Arm of Germantown

Germantown, an historic neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia, is not as well known as some of the city’s more prominent historic attractions, such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Yet, as David Young, executive...