Blogging the PHI: Kernel of an Idea for a Project

I’d be interested in discussing the idea of organizing a seminar, to be held at a corrections facility in the region, dedicated to addressing philosophical issues related to human freedom. These might include (though they needn’t be limited to)

  • Slavery
  • Labor
  • Retributive justice, punishment, and discipline
  • Authority
  • Leisure
  • Class
  • Race
  • Democracy
  • Anarchy

These topics would, I think, be of particular interest and urgency to members of a prison community. Prisoners would also be in an especially knowledgable position from which to develop arguments and formulate critiques related to this cluster of concepts. I’m imagining that the collaboration could culminate with a pamphlet of essays, perhaps organized in a thesis-and-response formate, written by the participants, that could somehow complement the Prison Creative Arts Project administered by the LSA here at Michigan. In addition to figuring out the logistics of the seminar (putting together a reading list, making a schedule), I could have a hand in editing and unifying the written contributions at the end of the project, and perhaps write an introduction, or something like that.

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