A Space to Share Experiences

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Arts of Citizenship blog. We envision this site as a space for the all the members of our community of public scholars and practitioners (faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, and community partners) to consider and share their experiences with public scholarship, collaborative research and civic engagement. We hope that you will find this the ideal space to share ideas that have been kicking around your head, to ask for advice from your friends and colleagues on the challenges you have faced in doing collaborative public work, to share your thoughts on the most recent civic, arts, and cultural events you attended, and to celebrate the achievements of the public scholarly community.

On this final note, let us alert everyone to important recent publications on collaborative research by members of the Arts of Citizenship community. Angela Dillard’s “What I Learned from Going to Church in Detroit: A Reflective Essay” is based on her Arts of Citizenship-supported Black Church Archival project and Laura J. Wernick, Michael R. Woodford, and Yoni (Jonathan) Siden’s “Youth-Led Participatory Action Research: Fostering Effective Youth-Adult Partnership,” discusses Laura and Michael’s collaboration with Riot Youth, the LGBTQ youth group based as the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, a collaboration which has also received support from Arts of Citizenship and which will be the subject of a presentation by Michael, Laura, and Lori Roddy, the Neutral Zone’s Assistant Executive Director at the next Arts of Citizenship Forum at 10 am on Tuesday, December 7 in the Rackham Common Room. Both Angela and Laura, Michael, and Yoni’s essays appear in Participatory Partnerships for Social Action and Research, edited by Lynn M. Harter, Jane Hamel-Lambert, and Judith Millesen (Kendall Hunt, 2010).

Finally, we would be remiss in this opening entry of the Arts of Citizenship blog if we did not offer our profound thanks to everyone who assisted in Arts of Citizenship’s move to Rackham, in particular Dean Janet Weiss and Associate Dean Peggy McCracken of the Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Vice President Stephen Forrest and Associate Vice President Marvin Parnes of the Office of the Vice President for Research, Theresa Cusimano of the Ginsberg Center, and the current and former members of the Arts of Citizenship Executive Committee, including Crisca Bierwort, Charlie Bright, Margaret Dewar, Larry Gant, Kristin Hass, Sue Kaufman, Scott Kurashige, A.T. Miller, Nick Tobier, and Robin Wilson. We are grateful for all of your assistance and look forward to continuing to work with all of you to further Arts of Citizenship’s mission of advancing the public scholarship and the careers of public scholars and practitioners.

Matthew Countryman

Associate Professor of History & American Culture, Faculty Director of Arts of Citizenship.

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