The Humanities Doctorate in the Twenty-first Century is an effort generously supported by the Mellon Foundation to expand and reimagine doctoral training in the humanities. It recognizes the rapidly changing horizon of employment, the opportunities and need for humanities scholars to translate their advanced knowledge and skills into all areas of public life, and the importance of a graduate curriculum responsive to this landscape, this effort has three components:

  1. Providing experiences for students that increase their awareness of professional possibilities through both summer fellowships and short-term immersive experiences.
  2. Supporting instructional innovations that enable students to acquire new competencies that prepare them for a wider range of career possibilities.
  3. Establishing a seminar for both humanities faculty and graduate students to think together about how to reimagine U-M doctoral curricula, training opportunities, and interdisciplinary programming in order to support both a wider range of outcomes for humanities doctorates and a rigorous Ph.D. training that is responsive to current and emerging contexts.