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German Academic Exchange (DAAD)

This is an exchange program with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the University of Michigan for study or research abroad in Germany.


This scholarship program is open to United States and Canadian citizens enrolled full-time in the University of Michigan from all fields (including music and the fine arts.) Students in the fields of dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine, contact DAAD. Graduate applicants should hold a Bachelor's degree, have strong academic standing, and have completed more than one academic year at the time of application. All should have a specific project in mind which can be completed within a ten-month period. Fluency in German is highly recommended, but is not essential if one's field of study can be effectively completed in English. Preference is given to students who have been in correspondence with the German University of their choice. Applicants for graduate scholarships should have completed their Bachelor’s degrees no longer than six years before the application deadline. For more information please refer to the DAAD website.


September 19, 2013

Award Description:

The scholarship includes transportation, living expenses and language training, as well as U-M tuition for Ph.D. students only. The award is provided by the DAAD and the foreign institution that the student is attending in Germany.

Application Procedures:

Please consult the DAAD website and read the application instructions carefully. Students must apply online and submit the following materials to the Rackham Fellowships Office. Applications are available at Submit a total of four (4) copies (1 original, 3 photocopies) of the following:

  • Signed DAAD Application (original plus 3)
  • Supplemental Materials (For music, fine arts, dance only)
  • CV/Resume
  • Study Proposal
  • 2 letters of Recommendation
  • Evidence of Contact with German Institution
  • DAAD Language Certification (Sprachzeugnis form) completed by faculty member
  • Transcripts

You may open your official transcripts to make photocopies of them. Exception: You may submit just ONE of each of your original, sealed recommendation letters (i.e., no photocopies needed of recommendation letters). Please see for detailed information on application materials.

Contact Information:

Questions? Contact the Fellowships Office at (734) 764-8119 or

Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern time, Monday through Friday