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Application Update

The 2016 application will be available September 15.

What Graduate and Non-Degree Graduate Programs are available?

Graduate Programs

The Admissions Office of the Rackham Graduate School (Rackham) works in conjunction with 17 schools and colleges to administer the application and admissions process for more than 130 different graduate programs. Graduate programs recommend admission and communicate their decision to Rackham. Rackham monitors requirements and procedures and certifies the admission recommendation as appropriate.

Information on graduate programs can be obtained by accessing our Programs of Study section. This section will give you access to information on Master's and Doctoral degrees offered by Rackham graduate programs. You will also find information on Interdisciplinary opportunities, graduate course requirements, Non-Rackham graduate programs, dual degree graduate programs, and graduate programs offered at the University of Michigan Dearborn and Flint campuses. You may locate a graduate program by using the search option or using the A-Z listing provided.

Non-Degree Graduate Programs

The Rackham Graduate School offers several opportunities for non-degree graduate study. Please review the following links for information on specific requirements and instructions for submission of these applications.

Ann Arbor Guest Application

To apply to enroll in a graduate course on the Ann Arbor campus if you are a Rackham graduate student currently enrolled on the Dearborn or Flint campuses.

CIC Traveling Scholar Application

To apply for permission to take courses at other Big 10 Universities or the University of Chicago.

Dearborn Guest Application

For students enrolled in the Rackham Graduate School on the Ann Arbor or Flint campuses to apply for enrollment in graduate courses on the Dearborn campus.

Departmental Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD)

Enrollment for 2 terms only in 2 or more courses in a single department or program.

Flint Guest Application

To apply to enroll in a graduate course on the Flint campus if you are a student currently enrolled on the Ann Arbor or Dearborn campuses.

Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) Program Application

To apply for permission to take graduate courses at another institution, in the State of Michigan, who participates in the MIGS program.

Rackham Unclassified Admission

Enrollment for 1 term only and limited to 2 courses total (1 course only per department or program).

Visiting Graduate Students

Departments, programs and other academic units of the University of Michigan may invite graduate student researchers from outside the University as Visiting Graduate Students. This status is reserved for graduate students who are invited to pursue a program of research during a limited term of residence.

Visiting Scholars

For individuals who have earned the Ph.D. and/or have a professorial appointment at another institution.

Spring or Summer Guest Application

To apply for admission as a spring or summer semester guest student for Institute, Workshop, and Short Course participants.