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Application Update

The 2016 application will be available September 15.

Are there any programs that allow me to be a guest student at another university?

CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) Traveling Scholar (Online Application)

Click the link above to access the CIC Traveling Scholar online application to apply for permission to take courses at a Big 10 University or the University of Chicago.

The purpose of the CIC Traveling Scholar program is to enable Ph.D. Candidates at CIC Universities to take advantage of special education opportunities on other CIC campuses. Any regularly admitted graduate student in good standing in a doctoral degree program at a CIC university is eligible to apply. Visits are limited to two semesters or three quarters on another campus.

MIGS (Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies) Program (PDF)

Click the link above to access the instructions and forms to apply for permission to take courses in another graduate school at another participating university in the State of Michigan.

Graduate students who are in good standing in a degree program are eligible to elect courses at several graduate schools in Michigan with the approval of both the host and home faculty. This program for guest scholars enables graduate students to take advantage of unique educational opportunities throughout the state. Contact the graduate admissions office at your home university for a list of participating universities and MIGS liaison officers.

Wayne State Dual Enrollment Program

This program allows students of Wayne State and U-M to register and pay tuition to their home university while studying at the host university. It allows a student who will be registered full time at U-M to pick up additional hours at Wayne State without incurring additional expense. Likewise, a Wayne State student can take classes at U-M while paying tuition at Wayne State. The key is that the student must be attending both universities for the term. This program is administered by the Registrar's office at each university. The current contact at U-M is Sally Carpenter.