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Rackham Graduate School will close for the holidays at noon on Wednesday, December 24 and we will return Friday, January 2 at 8:00am.

Contacts for Postdoctoral Fellows

U-M contacts who can assist current and prospective postdoctoral fellows.

Architecture and Urban Planning

Jean Wineman, Associate Dean; 763-1497


Wallace Hopp, Wallace, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research; 736-6027


Charlotte M. Mistretta, Associate Dean for Research and Ph.D. Training; 647-3911


Elizabeth B. Moje, Associate Dean; 647-9571


Alec D. Gallimore, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education; 764-8224


Doug Van Houweling, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation; 647-9704


Daniel Ferris, Associate Dean; 647-2740

Literature, Science and the Arts

Myron Campbell, Associate Dean for Natural Sciences; 647-2762

Derek Collins, Associate Dean for Humanities; 647-2115

Twila Tardif, Associate Dean for Social Sciences; 764-2443


Michelle Swanson, Director of Postdoctoral Studies; 647-7295

Music, Theatre and Dance

Steven Whiting, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies; 764-0590

Natural Resources and the Environment

Michael Moore, Associate Dean; 647-4337


Antonia M. Villarruel, Associate Dean for Research; 615-9696


David Sherman, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education; 615-9907

Public Health

Alfred Franzblau, Associate Dean; 936-0758

Public Policy

Allan V. Deardorff, Associate Dean; 764-6817

Social Work

Jorge Delva, Associate Dean; 936-3898