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10. Sequential, Concurrent and Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Programs

Through special arrangements in certain fields of study, undergraduates with an exceptional academic record may apply in their junior or senior year to work toward a graduate degree while fulfilling the remainder of their requirements for a bachelor’s degree. A student who is close to completing undergraduate requirements in three or three and one-half years may apply to start a graduate program while concurrently finishing the undergraduate degree. Applicants must have an outstanding record and have the endorsement of both graduate and undergraduate faculty. Admissions evaluation includes an assessment of the breadth of the undergraduate program, grades, commitment to the field, degree of motivation, academic ability, and other factors regularly considered by a graduate admissions committee. A student enrolled in both an undergraduate school or college and the Graduate School will be assessed graduate tuition and fees. The student must complete the bachelor’s degree within one calendar year of enrolling in a dual undergraduate/graduate program. Students earning dual bachelor’s degrees are not eligible for these programs.

Students admitted to a Rackham Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Study program are considered Rackham students, and master’s degree policies apply.

Last updated: June 23, 2017 - 10:03pm