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The blog is a collection of ideas, perspectives, and stories curated in partnership with graduate students, creating a space to connect, inspire, and illuminate the experiences of graduate life.

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Shweta Ramdas's picture

Note to my first-year grad student self

Dear first-year grad student me,

I think of you wistfully every now and then, remembering your boundless enthusiasm for genetics and optimism about the world. You naive young thing, you. I’m so glad you don’t know what lies ahead. Ignorance IS bliss, but don’t tell your thesis committee that!

Bonnie Applebeet's picture

Graduation After Incarceration: a Rackham Student Earns His Ph.D.

People slowly fill up the seats in a green and gold room before Jay Borchert even arrives. It’s the day of his dissertation defense, a day that is perhaps the most important milestone in a doctoral student’s career, a culmination of five or more years of intensive work; they’re presenting their research publicly and receiving feedback from their mentors and, if all goes well, their soon-to-be academic peers.