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The blog is a collection of ideas, perspectives, and stories curated in partnership with graduate students, creating a space to connect, inspire, and illuminate the experiences of graduate life.

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Alana Chin's picture

Ode to Coffee

Open Adobe Photoshop
Copy, paste, cut, crop.
Build the figure, make it pop.
Forgot to save? Better not!

I'm putting down the pipette,
So I wait, the timer’s set.
I check my notes and forgot a step.
Now immediate regret.

No time to waste, here we go.
But my head is moving mighty slow.
Way too much science info.
Energy is running low.

But no, not yet, I can't give up!
Let me fill my coffee cup.
With cream or sugar, or dark and strong,
When it comes to coffee you can't go wrong.

Kush Patel's picture

Learning with Detroit: Place, Politics, and Pedagogies

Teaching initiatives in Detroit are often framed as opportunities for strengthening our institution’s connection with the city, for moving curricular revisions onto a more critical and equitable terrain, and for building skills that are necessary for engaging with people and forms of knowledge across race, gender, class, and place-based difference.