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A Social Life in Graduate School Is Just as Important as an Academic Life

Believe it or not, having a social life is an integral part of graduate school. When I first started graduate school, most of my friends were people that were in my cohort. However, as people have started finishing, moved to other places while still in the program, or have had a variety of other life transitions, meeting people outside of my program has become more important, because the majority of friends from my program are no longer in Ann Arbor.

This isn’t easy, though. Having a social life isn’t something that is stressed in graduate school, but it should be. It can be cloying, at times, to only know, talk to, and hang out with people that are in your same graduate program. Sometimes you need an escape, and that escape comes in the form of other people.

For Rackham Students with Emergency Financial Needs

Attending graduate school is a significant investment of time and money. Some students leave full-time employment to pursue a graduate degree and find themselves balancing the costs of graduate school and daily living on a fixed income. What do you do in the event of an emergency or if you encounter an unforeseen expense?

Did you know that both the Rackham Graduate School and the larger university community have set aside funds to help see students through financial hardship? These funds are designed to ensure that an unforeseen crisis in your immediate family or other unanticipated events don’t threaten the successful completion of your degree.

How Health Care Works on Campus

Do you know how health care works on campus?

University Health Service (UHS) is your campus health clinic, providing comprehensive services in one building on central campus, very near Rackham Graduate School.

When you are a currently enrolled U-M student (Ann Arbor campus), most UHS services are free because they are covered by your health service fee, which is already paid as part of your tuition. If you have GradCare, you should know that UHS is a GradCare Primary Care Site.